HITACHI UR 18DSL Radio user manual

Doing so may result in electric shock, emission of smoke or malfunction.

5. Do not touch the FM antenna or power plug (AC adapter) during thunderstorms.

Doing so may result in electric shock.

6. Do not disassemble or modify the radio.

Doing so may result in electric shock or fire.

Inspections and repairs should be performed by the store where purchased or by a Hitachi power tool service center.

7. Insert the power plug (AC adapter) securely as far as it will go.

Dust or dirt between the power plug and the electric socket may lead to fire. Remove the power plug periodically and wipe o any dust or dirt with a dry

8. Do not let any unspecified objects or water get inside the radio body.

With the exception of the AC adapter and the rechargeable battery, if any metal or flammable object or water gets inside the rear door, it may lead to electric shock or fire.

Take care to prevent iron powder from the bass reflex speakers, dust or water getting into the radio.

9. Do not sit or stand on the radio.

Doing so may lead to accidents or malfunction.

10. Do not place the radio on an unstable surface or in a high place. Do not hang the radio from the handle or guard bar.

The radio may fall and cause injury or malfunction.

11. Reduce the volume before turning on the power.

Failure to do so may result in sudden loud noise and damage the speakers or cause hearing impairment.

12. Do not turn the volume up too high when using headphones or earphones.

Listening to the radio for a long time at a high volume may result in hearing impairment.

13. When no slide battery is loaded, attach the slide terminal cover to the terminal to prevent cuts and other injuries that may result from touching the terminal area.

14. Handle the backup batteries with care.

Incorrect handling of the batteries may result in rupture or leakage, leading to fire, injury or pollution of the surrounding area. Be sure to observe the following precautions.

Use only the specified batteries

Do not heat or disassemble the batteries

Do not throw the batteries into fire or water

Do not charge the batteries

Make sure the batteries are correctly oriented and avoid short-circuiting

Do not reuse batteries or use dierent types of

Remove the batteries when the radio is not in use

In the event of leakage from the batteries, wipe the battery case clean.

Should any battery fluid get on your body, wash it o carefully. is displayed when you turn the power on with the rechargeable battery inserted, the battery power

Power the radio from the AC adapter or insert a charged battery.

15. Recharge only with the charger specified by the manufacturer.

A charger that is suitable for one type of rechargeable battery may create a risk of fire when used with another battery.

16. Use the radio only with specifically designated rechargeable battery.

Use of any other rechargeable battery may create a risk of injury and fire.

17. When rechargeable battery is not in use, keep it away from other metal objects like paper clips, coins, keys, nails, screws, or other small metal objects that can make a connection from one terminal to another.

Shorting the battery terminals together may cause burns or a fire.

18. Under abusive conditions, liquid may be ejected from the battery; avoid contact. If contact accidentally oc