Hitachi HOME-1 Projector User Manual

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User's Manual - Operating Guide

Thank you for purchasing this projector.

WARNING Before using, read the "User's Manual - Safety Guide" and these manuals to ensure correct usage through understanding. After reading, store them in a safe place for future reference.

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Projector Features

This multimedia projector is used to project various computer signals as well as

NTSC / PAL / SECAM video signals onto a screen. Little space is required for installation and large images can easily be realized.

Ultra High Brightness

Crisp, ultra-bright presentations is achieved by using a UHB (ultra high brightness) lamp and a highly efficient optical system.

Whisper Mode Equipped

Special mode is available for reducing projector noise to achieve quieter operation.

User Memory Function

This projector can memorize 4 settings by MY MEMORY function.

Optical Lens Shift

The lens of this projector can be shifted horizontally and vertically. When you want to finely adjust the picture position, use the picture shift dials.

Keystone Distortion Correction

Quick correction of distorted images electrically.


Please see the Contents Of Package of the Users Manual Quick Guide.

Your projector should come with the items shown there. Contact your dealer anything is missing.

NOTE Keep the original packing material for future reshipment. For moving the projector, be sure to use the original packing material. Use special caution for the lens part.

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Projector Features 2

Preparation 2

Part Names 4

The Projector 4

Fastening The Lens Cap 4

The Remote Control 6

Setting Up 7

Arrangement 7

Adjusting The Projectors

Elevator 8

Using The Picture Shift Dials 8

Connecting Your Devices9

Connecting Power Supply 11

Remote Control 12

Putting Batteries 12

Operating The Remote Control13

Power ON/OFF 14

Turning On The Power 14

Selecting An Input Signal 15

Turning Off The Power 16

Operating 17

Adjusting The Volume 17

Temporarily Muting The Sound17

Using The Automatic

Adjustment Feature18

Correcting Keystone


Signal Searching 19

Selecting The Aspect Ratio 19

Temporarily Blanking

The Screen 19

Selecting The Gamma Mode20

Recalling Your Adjustments 20

Multifunctional Settings 21

Using The Menu Functions 21

MAIN Menu 22

PICTURE-1 Menu 23

PICTURE-2 Menu 25

INPUT Menu 26

AUTO Menu 28

SCREEN Menu 29

OPTION Menu 30