Heatcraft Refrigeration Products GLC Fan user manual

Replaces CH-B-15B, March 2004y



Technical Guide

Models RLC | Air Defrost

ELC/EFC | Electric Defrost

GLC | Hot Gas Defrost

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Features & Benefits...

Performance Data & Specifications

Air Defrost...

Electric Defrost...

Hot Gas Defrost...

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-Pipe Hot Gas Defrost...

Replacement Parts by InterLink...

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We have made a commitment to customer needs, innovation and environmental stewardship and have dedicated

ourselves to delivering energy-efficient choices. PSC and EC motors will reduce costs, improve the bottom line and enhance equipment performance and service life.

Choose the most energy-efficient motor available for evaporators.

The EC motor is an Energy Solutions option on new Chandler Low Profile evaporators. Available on all new equipment or as an easy-to-install, drop-in replacement aftermarket part from InterLink Commercial

Refrigeration Parts. Because theyre a drop-in replacement for existing shaded pole and PSC motors, installation is quick and easy. Its a high impact, quick payback solution for reducing costs and achieving green initiatives without replacing the entire system.

EC motors by InterLink are up to 75% efficient - thats a 51-59% increase over shaded pole motors and a 30-35% increase over permanent-split capacitor (PSC) motors. With all of this added efficiency, you can count on more energy savings and lower operational costs while taking a step in the right direction toward conserving our planets resources.


Model Series

Electrical Code

Design Revision

RLC = Chandler Low Profile,

Air defrost

ELC = Chandler Low Profile,

Electric defrost, 6 FPI

EFC = Chandler Low Profile,

Electric defrost, 4 FPI

GLC = Chandler Low Profile,

Hot gas defrost

# x 100 = BTUH

A = 115/1/60

B = 208-230/1/60

C = 208-230/3/60

M = 460/1/60

AH = 115/1/60 (PSC)

BH = 208-230/1/60 (PSC)

AE = 115/1/60 (EC)

BE = 208-230/1/60 (EC)

CE = 208-230/3/60 (EC)

2008 Heatcraft Refrigeration Products LLC

Features & Benefits

Minimal height of the low profile series makes it ideal for low ceiling coolers

Cabinet design features front access panels on each side for easy access to electrical and refrigeration components

All electrical components factory wired to terminal board and identified, making it easy to field wire the unit

Sweat connections to reduce potential for leaks

Internal panels are isolated for quiet operation

Liquid line solenoid wire harness is factory-installed for quick installation

Pre-drilled holes on the back of the unit for room thermostat

Internally enhanced tubing and fin design for higher efficiency

Coil heater slots have been