Semi Automatic user manual

Vortex Pulsator. Magic Filter. 10 Years Warranty for Motor.
Plug immediately.

Rated current of

Do not attempt to take apart, repair or alter the machine by yourself.

Do not put any high temperature or heavy objects on the washing

Do not wash laundry with volatile or flammable materials (such as thinner, petrol etc.).

Disabled children or those not under adult supervision should not operate the machine.

Keep the machine away from direct sunlight and heat sources like the

To guarantee your safety, please ensure the power outlet is grounded before use.

To protect your laundry and the washing machine,please removr all coins,buttons,sand, hairpinsand other foreign materials before washing.

Please check if the water faucet is turned on and make sure you have the proper water pipe connection

It is recommended to use foamless washing powder.

Packing list

Semi automatic washing machine

Water intake

Bottom foot

(HTW130-186S only)

Machine Components

Wash timer

Wash selector Drain selector

If you wish to set it Intensity can be for less than 3 set to standard min, you should or strong. first turn past 9 min and then turn

Warning: do not set the switch on

Drain position

during washing.

Spin timer

If to set to less than

1 min, in order to ensure a long service life, please first turn past 2 min and then turn back.

Drain selector

Wash selector

Wash timer

Wash tub cover

Water-?lling entrance

Water-filling transfer

Control panel

Major frame

Draining hose

Spin tub outer cover

Spin tub inner cover

Spin timer

Over?ow ?lter

Lint ?lter

Base frame

Installation and adjustment

For your security and to ensure correct operation of the machine, please install and adjust the machine according to this manuals instructions.

Installation of the lint filter

Place the bottom side of the lint filter into the overflow filter, then push the top side into the overflow filter.

After installation, please double check to make sure that the lint filter is installed in the correct location; otherwise it may fall off during operation