Haier HPU-48CJ03 Air Conditioner User Manual

Be put into operation. In case of doubt, consult your supplier.

Disposal of the packaging of your new air conditioner

Use of the air conditioner is to be carried out in strict compliance with the relative instructions set forth in the User's

All the packaging materials employed in the package of your new air conditioner may be disposed without any danger to the environment.

Installation shall be done by professional people, don't install unit by yourself.

The cardboard box may be broken or cut into smaller pieces and given to a waste paper disposal service. The wrapping bag made of polyethylene and the polyethylene foam pads contain no fluorochloric hydrocarbon.

For the purpose of safety, the air conditioner must be properly grounded in accordance with specifications.


The refrigerating circuit is leak-proof.

The machine is adaptive in following

Always remember to unplug the air conditioner before opening inlet grill.

Never unplug your air conditioner by pulling on the power cord. Always grip plug firmly and pull straight out from the outlet.

Applicable ambient temperature range:

Rated Maximum Minimum

Indoor DB C 20

--WB C 14.5 outdoor DB C

All electrical repairs must be carried out by qualified electricians.

Inadequate repairs may result in a major source of danger for the user of the air conditoiner.

Do not damage any parts of the air conditioner that carry refrigerant by piercing or perforating the air conditioner's tubes with sharp or pointed items, crushing or twisting any tubes, or scraping the coatings off the surfaces. If the refrigerant spurts out and gets into eyes, it may result in serious eye injuries.

Do not obstruct or cover the ventilation grille of the air conditioner.

Do not put fingers or any other things into the inlet/outlet and swing louver.

Do not allow children to play with the

air conditioner. In no case should children be allowed to sit on the outdoor unit.

Note:For cooling only unit,the "HEATER" light is

ON/OFF: If pressing this button,the unit will enter

Auto Run mode according to the room temperature.

Indoor unit

Outlet grill

Operation panel

Inlet grill

Air filter [inside the unit]

Outdoor unit

Inlet grill

Outlet grill

Remote controller

HPU-42CH03 HPU-48CJ03

HPU-42HH03 HPU-48HJ03

HPU-42HI03 HPU-48HK03


Operation hints

Unit operation

Protection devices inside the unit will activate to stop unit operation, when ambient temp. is extremely low or high.

When unit is running under high humidity in cooling or dehumidifying mode, condensate