Grizzly H3029 Riding Toy User Manual

2.Slide a tire and a 16mm flat washer over each axle with the tire valve stems facing outward. Insert a cotter pin into each axle and spread.


1.Insert the end of the pull handle through the plastic coupling and mount these to the front of the steering bracket with a slot head screw, flat washer, and lock nut.

2.Turn the cart over and fasten the metal brackets to the outside edge of the cart with

M6-1 x 16 flat head screws, flat washers, and acorn nuts.

3.Slide the front, rear, and side panels into the

4.Insert an M6-1 x 20 hex bolt through the steering brace, the axle, and the steering bracket and secure with a flat washer and


1.Slide a rear axle brace onto each rear axle and bolt the ends of the braces to the bed using the remaining M8-1.25 x 20 hex bolts, flat washers, and lock nuts, as shown in the

Parts Breakdown.

Fasten the steering brace to the bed with two

M8-1.25 x 20 hex bolts, flat washers, and lock nuts.

5.Place the steering bar under the steering supports and steering bracket, and secure with M6-1 x 16 hex bolts, flat washers, and lock nuts as shown in Figure 3.

Front Axle

Figure 3. Front axle assembly.

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H3029 Parts Breakdown and List