Grizzly G1026 Network Router User Manual

G1705 & G1794 Router Bit Spindle

For The G1035 & G1026 Shapers

To install the router bit spindle, proceed as follows:

Remove existing spindle from the shaper by holding the top of the spindle with a wrench and remove the tie rod nut from the bottom of the spindle housing. Figure 2. Pull the spindle out of the spindle cartridge. Notice that the bottom portion of the spindle is identical to the bottom portion of the router bit spindle.

2' TO 14' Adapter

Collet Nut

Figure 1. Router Bit Spindle.

Unthread the tie rod from the spindle and completely thread into the bottom of the router bit spindle.

Place the router bit spindle into the spindle housing and line up the pin with the keyway. Figure 3. Tighten the tie rod nut to secure. Use a back-up wrench on the router bit spindle while tightening the tie rod nut.

Tie Rod Nut

Figure 2. Draw Bar & Nut.

Place a router bit into the router bit spindle and tighten the collet nut.

Caution: Do not run the router bit spindle in reverse can cause the collet nut to loosen, allowing the router bit to come out.

Router Bit Spindle

Spindle Cartridge

Spindle Housing

Figure 3. Inserting Router Bit Spindle.

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