GE® 30" Built-In Single Convection Wall Oven JTP70WMWW user manual

Hidden bake oven interior.
? Be sure your appliance is properly installed and grounded by a qualified technician in accordance with the provided installation instructions.

? Be sure the oven is securely installed in a cabinet that is firmly attached to the house structure. Never allow anyone to climb, sit, stand or hang on the oven door.

? Do not attempt to repair or replace any part of your oven unless it is specifically recommended in this manual. All other servicing should be referred to a qualified technician.

? Never leave the oven door open when you are not watching the oven.

? Have the installer show you the location of the circuit breaker or fuse. Mark it for easy reference.

? Before performing any service, disconnect the oven power supply at the household distribution panel by removing the fuse or switching off the circuit breaker.

Consumer Support

? Do not leave children alonechildren should not be left alone or unattended in an area where an appliance is in use. They should never be allowed to sit or stand on any part of the appliance.

? Always keep combustible wall coverings, curtains or drapes a safe distance from your oven.

? Always keep dish towels, dish cloths, pot holders and other linens a safe distance from your oven.

? Always keep wooden and plastic utensils and canned food a safe distance away from your oven.

? Teach children not to play with the controls or any other part of the oven.

? Large scratches or impacts to glass doors can lead to broken or shattered glass.


? Do not store flammable materials in

CAUTION: Items of interest to children should not be stored in cabinets above an oven; children climbing on the oven to reach items could be seriously

? Never wear loose-fitting or hanging garments while using the appliance. Be careful when reaching for items stored in cabinets over the oven. Flammable material could be ig