GE® 20.0 Cu. Ft. Side-By-Side Refrigerator GSS20ETHBB user manual

Adjustable glass shelves.
NOTE: Power to the refrigerator cannot be disconnected by any setting on the control panel.

NOTE: Repairs must be performed by a qualified

Service Professional.



? 'RQRWVWRUHRUXVHJDVROLQHRURWKHUIODPPDEOH vapors and liquids in the vicinity of this or any other appliance.

? 'RQRWVWRUHH[SORVLYHVXEVWDQFHVVXFKDVDHURVRO cans with a flammable propellant in this appliance.


WRFKLOGUHQUHPRYHWKHIUHVKIRRGDQGIUHH]HU doors from any refrigerator before disposing of it or discontinuing its use.

RDYRLGVHULRXVLQMXURUGHDWKFKLOGUHQVKRXOGQRW stand on, or play in or with the appliance.

? &KLOGUHQDQGSHUVRQVZLWKUHGXFHGSKVLFDOVHQVRU or mental capabilities or lack of experience and knowledge can use this appliance only if they are supervised or have been given instructions on safe


? 7KLVDSSOLDQFHLVLQWHQGHGWREHXVHGLQKRXVHKROG and similar applications such as: staff kitchen areas



EUHDNIDVWDQGRWKHUUHVLGHQWLDOHQYLURQPHQWV catering and similar non-retail applications.

? &RQQHFWWRSRWDEOHZDWHUVXSSORQO$FROGZDWHU supply is required for automatic icemaker operation.

The water pressure must be between 40 and 120 psi

(275-827 kilopascals).



To reduce the risk of injury when using your refrigerator, follow these basic safety precautions.

RQRWFOHDQJODVVVKHOYHVRUFRYHUVZLWKZDUP water when they are cold. Glass shelves and covers may break if exposed to sudden temperature changes or impact, such as bumping or dropping.

Tempered glass is designed to shatter into many small pieces if it breaks.

HHSILQJHUVRXWRIWKHSLQFKSRLQWDUHDV clearances between the doors and between the doors and cabinet are necessarily small. Be careful closing doors whe