GE® Portable Air Conditioner APCA14YZMW user manual


Features and appearance will vary.

Lights next to the touch pads on the air conditioner control panel indicate the selected settings.

Temp / Time

A. Control Panel Display

Displays the Set Temperature in degrees Fahrenheit or degrees Celsius, or the hours remaining in a Time

Delay. The corresponding indicator light will illuminate.

B. Power Button

Turns ON/OFF power to the air conditioner.

NOTE: Turning off power by pressing the Power button does NOT disconnect the appliance from the power

Press the Power button. The Power indicator will illuminate.

C. Mode Button

Press the Mode button to toggle among the operating options. The corresponding indicator will illuminate:

Heat (on some models) - Heats the room to the set temperature

Cool Cools the room to the set temperature

DRY Reduces the humidity in the room

Fan Circulates the air in the room without cooling

D. Timer / Temperature Set Controls

Adjusts the Temperature or Hours in Time Delay.

To Set the Temperature:

The temperature can be set between 61F and 89F

(17C and 30 C) when the air conditioner is in Cool

1. Press the Mode button until the Cool mode is selected.

2. Press the Up Arrow or Down Arrow buttons to select the


NOTE: The temperature cannot be set when the air conditioner is in either Fan or DRY mode.

NOTE: The Up Arrow and Down Arrow buttons, when pressed at the same time, allow you to select between displaying the temperature in C or F. The corresponding indicator will illuminate.

G (on some models)

E. Fan Speed Button

The fan speed can be adjusted from Low, Medium, to

High speed when the air conditioner is in operation.

NOTE: The fan speed cannot be adjusted when the unit is in DRY mode.

Press the