GE Profile™ 30" Built-In CleanDesign Electric Cooktop JP350ACAA user manual

Flushmount capable.
Children should not be stored in cabinets above a cooktopchildren climbing on the cooktop to reach items could be seriously injured.

? Always keep combustible wall coverings, curtains or drapes a safe distance from your cooktop.


? Always keep dish towels, dishcloths, pot holders and other linens a safe distance away from your cooktop.

? Never wear loose-fitting or hanging garments while using the appliance.

Flammable material could be ignited if brought in contact with hot surface units and may cause severe burns.

? Flaming grease outside a pan can be put out by covering with baking soda or, if available, by using a multi-purpose dry chemical or foam-type fire extinguisher.

? When preparing flaming foods under the hood, turn the fan on.

Care and Cleaning

? Use only dry pot holdersmoist or damp pot holders on hot surfaces may result in burns from steam. Do not let pot holders touch hot surface units. Do not use a towel or other bulky cloth. Such cloths can catch fire on a hot surface unit.

? Do not use water on grease fires. Never pick up a flaming pan. Turn the controls off. Smother a flaming pan on a surface unit by covering the pan completely with a well-fitting lid, cookie sheet or flat tray.

Use a multi-purpose dry chemical or foam-type extinguisher.

Operating Instructions

? Always keep wooden and plastic utensils and canned food a safe distance away from your cooktop. They may become hot and could cause burns.

? For your safety, never use your appliance for warming or heating the room.

Safety Instructions


Cook meat and poultry thoroughlymeat to at least an INTERNAL temperature of 160F and poultry to at least an INTERNAL temperature of 180F. Cooking to these temperatures usually protects against foodborne illness.

Troubleshooting Tips

Consumer Support


Operating Instructions

Safety Instructions



? Do not let cooking grease or other flammable materials accumulate on the cooktop.

? Use little fat for effective shallow or deep-fat frying. Filling the pan too full of fat can cause spillovers when food is added.

? Do not touch surface units. These surfaces may be hot enough to burn even though they are dark in color. During and after use, do not touch, or let clothing or other flammable materials contact the surface units or areas nearby the surface units; allow sufficient time for cooling first.

? If a combination of oils or fats will be used in frying, stir together before heating, or as fats melt slowly.

? Potentially hot surfaces include the cooktop and are