GE Vertical Zoneline® Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner AZ75E09DAC user manual

Full corrosion treatment on outside coils and other components is standard.
Any servicing be performed by a qualified individual.

? All air conditioners contain refrigerants, which under federal law must be removed prior to product disposal.

If you are getting rid of an old product with refrigerants, check with the company handling disposal about what to do.

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ControlsDip Switches

The dip switch controls are located behind the front case panel, through an opening on the front of the unit.

Operating Instructions

To access the dip switches, remove the front case panel by removing the filter, taking out the four front screws, the upper two screws from the top of the panel and the shipping screws on each side, if present. (Discard the two side shipping screws, if present).

Safety Instructions

Controlsdip switches.

NOTE: The owner is responsible for setting the appropriate dip switches and connecting terminals.

TL1 (H) (Temp. Limit 1Heat)

TL2 (H) (Temp. Limit 2Heat)

TL3 (H) (Temp. Limit 3Heat)

Troubleshooting Tips

ALL I 2R (All Electric Heat) (Heat-pump models only)

FREEZ S (Freeze Sentinel)

CONST FAN (Constant ON Fan)

Care and Cleaning

TL1 (C) (Temp. Limit 1Cool)

TL2 (C) (Temp. Limit 2Cool)

TL3 (C) (Temp. Limit 3Cool)

No Function (Reserved for future use)

DUCT (Blower Fan)

OCCUPIED (Occupancy Sensor)

All Electric Heat (Heat pump models only)

When this switch is enabled (UP), heat pump operation is locked out, causing the unit to provide only electric resistance heat.

Consumer Support

ALL I2R (All Electric Heat)

Freeze Sentinel (Requires room air sensor kitRAVRMS)

When this switch is enabled (UP), it turns OFF the freeze sentinel protection feature. With the switch disabled (DOWN), the freeze sentinel is activated which automatically provides heat without user interface. This helps to prevent plumbing damage by turning the heater and fans ON at 41 F and OFF at 46 F.

Operating Instructions

Safety Instructions

Controlsdip switches.

FREEZE S (Freeze Sentinel)

Constant ON Fan

When this switch is enabled (UP), it allows the fan to run continuously.

CONST FAN (Constant

Care and Cleaning

Occupancy Sensor

When this switch is enabled (UP), it allows the unit to utilize an infrared motion sensor and a door switch for occupancy detection. This feature allows an energy management system