GE Zoneline® Premium Series Heat Pump Unit AZ52H15DAD user manual

Staged heating.
Problems that might occur.

If you do need service, you can relax knowing help is only a phone call away. Toll-free customer service numbers are included in the back of this manual. Or call the GE

Answer Center at 800.626.2000,

24 hours a day, 7 days a week.




This Zoneline must be properly installed in accordance with the

Installation Instructions before it

Repair or replace immediately all electric service cords that have become frayed or otherwise

Unplug or disconnect the

Zoneline at the fuse box or circuit breaker before making any repairs.

NOTE: We strongly recommend that any servicing be performed by a qualified individual.


Replacing an existing unit?

For details see the Installation

Instructions in the back of this

Operating Instructions

Temp Control

Fan, Mode & Operation

The temp control is used to maintain the room temperature. The compressor will cycle on and off to keep the room at the same level of comfort.

FANsets the fan operation for HIGH, LOW or

AUTO speed. When set at AUTO, it automatically switches between LOW and HIGH as room temperature changes.

Press the + pad to raise the temperature.

MODECOOLFor cooling

FANFor fan-only operation

HEATFor heating

Press the pad to lower the temperature.

OPERATIONON/STOPTurns the unit on or off.

Power remains connected to the Zoneline. The

Freeze Sentinel feature still functions if switch E is on. See the Freeze Sentinel section.

NOTE: The temperature display will flash to indicate a possible unit malfunction.

See the If Something Goes Wrong section.

Energy Tips

Keep the vent control at CLOSE. The room air will be filtered and circulated.

Set the FAN at AUTO. It switches between LOW and

HIGH to adjust for room temperature changes.

Louver screws

Louver screws

Remove the room cabinet and flip the louvers to change the air direction.

Ventilation Control

The ventilation control lever is located at the lower left side of the Zoneline unit, behind the room cabinet.

When set at CLOSE, only the air inside the room is circulated and filtered.

Air Direction

To adjust the air direction, remove the room cabinet. Remove the 7 louver screws that hold the louvers in place. Flip the louver section 180, replace the screws and the room cabinet.

When set at OPEN, some outdoor air will be drawn into the room. This will reduce the heating or cooling efficiency.

Operating Instructions

Other Zoneline features

About Your Heat Pump

Heat pumps can save money by removing heat from the outside aireven when the outside temperature is below freezing and releasing that heat indoors.

To get the best performance from your heat pump, dont change the room thermostat very often.

Raising the heat setting 23 degrees will cause the Zoneline to use its electric heating elements in order to reach the new temperature setting quickly.

To Remove the

Room Cabinet

Additional controls are located behind the room cabinet.

To remove: Pull out at the bottom to release it from the tabs. Then lift up.

The indoor fan motor starts before the compressor and stops after the compressor cycles off.

The electric heating