GE 3900 Air Conditioner user manual

Cords that have become frayed or otherwise damaged. A damaged power supply cord must be replaced with a new power supply cord obtained from the manufacturer and not repaired.

Do not use a cord that shows cracks or abrasion damage along its length or at either the plug or connector end.

? Unplug or disconnect the Zoneline at the fuse box or circuit breaker before making any repairs.

Troubleshooting Tips

NOTE: We strongly recommend that any servicing be performed by a qualified individual.

Consumer Support



Operating Instructions



Fan, Mode & Operation Control

The temp control is used to maintain the room temperature. The compressor will cycle on and off to keep the room at the same level of comfort.

Press the + pad to raise the temperature.

Press the pad to lower the temperature.

FANsets the fan operation for HIGH,

LOW or AUTO speed. When set at AUTO, it automatically switches between LOW and HIGH as room temperature changes.

3900 Series only

When the outdoor temperature is lower than 25F, heat is provided by the electric heater in the air conditioner instead of by the heat pump.

To cancel the sleep mode, press the MODE pad or the SLEEP pad a second time.

OPERATIONON/STOPTurns the unit on or off. Power remains connected to the

Zoneline. The Freeze Sentinel feature still

functions if switch 6 is enabled (UP). See the Freeze Sentinel section.

NOTE: The temperature display will flash to indicate a possible unit malfunction. Set operation control to STOP and then restart the unit. If the flashing light reappears within

30 minutes, call for service.

Troubleshooting Tips

Press to set the air conditioner to run for

8 hours before it automatically returns to the previous setting.

When in the cooling mode and the sleep timer is set, the set temperature will automatically increase 2F after the second hour then 1F each hour over the next two hours. Also, the fan speed will change to low. When in the heating mode, the set temperature will decrease in the same

MODECOOLFor cooling

FANFor fan-only operation

HEATFor heating

Quick Heat Recovery

Activates each time the thermostat is switched from STOP or a COOL mode to a HEAT mode.

Electric heaters are energized until the thermostat set point is reached. On heat pump models, the heat pump operation will resume at