Gateway 6000 Laptop user manual

LCD maximum refresh rate

External video

External CRT resolutions

Brightness level selectable through FN keys (up, down)

Auto dim on battery and auto bright on AC power (selectable in

Supports dual display and dual view

Supports standard IBM VGA compatible modes

Maximum resolution: 2048 1538

Maximum color depth: 32-bit color

External CRT maximum refresh rate

85 Hz at 1600 1200

75 Hz at 2048 1538

Sound support

Conexant SmartAMCi Audio Modem Codec (AMC) CX20468-31

AC97 Revision 2.3 Compliant

NOTE: This notebook does not have an internal microphone or

Volume controls

Internal speakers

Audio jacks

Volume control keys on keyboard

Software control provided through Windows

Stereo speakers built into the front of notebook

1.0 W maximum output for each channel

Stereo headphone output

Stereo microphone input


Modem features

10/100 Mbps Ethernet interface

Wireless Ethernet interface features

(Factory installed option)

56K v.90 modem

Uses the RJ-11 jack on the right side of the notebook

Supports Wake on Ring from S3 power mode

Integrated IEEE 802.3 (10/100 BASE-T) Ethernet interface

Uses the RJ-45 jack on the right side of the notebook

Supports Wake on LAN from S3 in battery mode and Wake on

LAN from S4 and S5 in AC mode

Intel PRO/Wireless IEEE 802.11b/g network card, Mini-PCI

(Pentium M models only)

Broadcom IEEE 802.11b/g network card, Mini-PCI (Celeron M models only)

FN+F2 keyboard combination toggles wireless networking

Antenna: Uses factory-installed internal antenna assembly

Operating channels: 11 selectable channels

Security: 128 and 64 bit WEP encryption

Operating Frequency

2.4 GHz Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum

Maximum Data Rate

54 Mbps (IEEE802.11g)

11 Mbps (IEEE802.11b)

Input/Output (I/O)

Pointing device

Status indicators

Full-sized 86-keys

19 mm 19 mm key pitch

3.0 mm keystroke

Gateway EZ-Pad touchpad with vertical scroll

2-button design

FN+F1 keyboard combination turns status indicators on and off.

Wireless Ethernet

DVD drive access

Hard drive access

Power/battery charge

Input/Output (I/O) ports

Four USB 2.0 (4-pin)

IEEE 1394 (4-pin)

V.92, 56K Modem (RJ-11)

10/100 Ethernet (RJ-45)

External monitor (VGA)

Stereo headphone output

Stereo microphone input

PC Card socket (one Type II)

Accepts one Type II device

TI PCI7411 controller

NOTE: This notebook does not support Zoom Video.

Hard drive

User removable

2.5-inch diameter

9.5 mm height

To find the hard drive capacity, click Start, then click My Computer.

Right-click the drive letter, then click Properties. The drives capacity and available space appears. If the drive has multiple partitions (for example, C: and D:), add the capacities of each part