Gas-Fired Products KLH601 Electric Heater user manual

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SAFETY : Accidents are always tragic especially because so many of them could have been prevented with a little care and judgment. There are some basic good practices we hope you will follow for safe use of your gas-fired room heater.

IMPORTANT : Read this user's manual carefully and completely before trying to assemble, operate, or service this heater. Improper use of this heater can cause serious injury or death from burns, fire, explosion, electrical shock, and carbon monoxide poisoning.

Early signs of carbon monoxide poisoning resemble the flu, with headaches, dizziness, or nausea. If you have these signs, the heater may not be working properly. Get fresh air at once! Have heater serviced. Some people are more affected by carbon monoxide than others. These include pregnant women, people with heart or lung disease or anemia, those under the influence of alcohol, and those at high altitudes.

Begin by insuring proper installation and servicing. Follow the installation instructions provided with this product. Have your heater installed by a qualified technician. Have the installer show you where the gas supply shut off valve is located so that you know where to shut off the gas to the heater. If you smell gas, your installer has not done a proper job of checking leaks. If the connections are not perfectly seated or tightened, you may have a leak and therefore a faint gas smell.

Finding a leak is not a DO-IT-YOURSELF procedure. Some leaks can only be found with the main burner gas on and this must be done by a qualified technician.


Never use natural gas in a unit designed for liquefied petroleum gases.

Never use liquefied petroleum gases in a unit designed for natural gas.

Check all joints and connections. To avoid the danger of fire, accident or

explosion, never check a potential gas leak with an open flame.

This heater shall not be installed in a bedroom or bathroom.

Never install the heater in any of the following locations:

Recreational vehicle

Where curtains, furniture, clothing, or other flammable objects are less than

36 inches from the front, top, or sides of the heater

High traffic area

Drafty areas

This heater needs fresh, outside air for ventilation to run properly. This heater has an oxygen depletion sensor(ODS)pilot light safety system. The ODS shuts down the heater if not enough fresh air/oxygen content(18%)is available.

Never run heater in confined space. Open a door to an adjoining room to help ventilate(For air openings, see National Fuel Code).

If heater shuts off, do not relight until you provide fresh, outside air. If heater keeps shutting off, have it serviced.

Do not run heater where :

Flammable liquids or vapors are used or stored.

Dusty condition exists.

Never place any objects on the heater.

Supervise children when they are in the same room with heater, never allow them to sit, stand or play on or around the heater.

Make sure grille guard is in place before running heater.

Do not use heater if any part has been under water. Immediately call a qualified service technician to inspect the room heater and to replace any part of the