Frymaster cm45 s Fryer User Manual

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Operational and Diagnostic Codes and Messages

CM4-S Cooking Computer Overview

Programming Overview

The S in the CM4S computer stands for segment, a feature that allows a cooking cycle to be broken into a number of parts, each with its own temperature.

The graphic at right details an example of this process. Explicit, step-by-step instructions are provided in subsequent

An example of a 13-minute cook cycle with four cooking temperatures is detailed in the graphic below.

The cooktime and points at which the temperature will change are entered in four steps in this example. Cooktimes are arrived at by subtracting the desired segment time from the remaining cooktime and entering that number. (See explanation in the graphic.)

Step 1 sets the total cooktime and the initial setpoint.

Step 2 sets the duration of the first cooking segment, 2 minutes, and the setpoint of the first temperature change.

Step 3 sets the duration of the second cooking segment, 4 minutes, and the setpoint of the second temperature change.

Step 4 sets the duration of the third cooking segment, 3 minutes, and the setpoint of the third temperature change.

The four remaining minutes in the cooktime elapse at the final temperature. No entry is required to use the final minutes.

Enter 13:00, the combined time of all cook cycles, and 340F, initial setpoint.

Minus segment -4

Minus segment -2

Entered on

Entered on

Enter 320F, temperature

Minus segment -3

Enter 310F,


Entered on

Enter 330F, temperature

No entry is required for the final 4 minutes computer simply counts downs the remaining minutes at the final setpoint, established in step 4.

CM4-S Cooking Computer Overview

The CM4-S has a number of features and it is not essential to use all of them in your cooking operation.

Programming for cooking and staggered alarms, which are not essential to use together, are processes.

For that reason, programming for filtering prompts and alarms are presented in separate chapters.

The CM4-S can cook in segmented and non-segmented cook cycles with or without automatic filter prompts. It is also programmable to exit a cook cycle in one of three modes: return to setpoint, assume an idle temperature, well below setpoint, or prompt filtering at a prescribed cook cycle count for a specific product button

The CM4-S is also capable of monitoring cook cycles initiated by all the product buttons and call for filtering when the cumulative amount reaches a number set by the operator.

Programming for filtering and exit-mode options are not essential to basic cooking programming. For that reason, filtering and exit mode instructions are provided in separate sections of this manual.

Encounteredfeatures in all programming; a product after sequence in which programmable are encountered button must be pressed for programming. entering the proper access code is listed below with a brief explanation of their function.

Encountered in all programming; allows computer to keep running total of heads of chicken or equivalent. The amount is accessible with a programming code.

Encountered in all programming; used to program segmented and non-segmented cook cycles.

Allows up to three alarms to be set per cook cycle; encountered by pressing special programming key.

Allows programming of the exit mode at the completion of a cook cycle; encountered by pressing special programming key.

Encountered in all programming; used to enter cooking times for segmented and non-segmented cooking

Encountered in all programming; used to enter cooking temperatures for segmented and non-segmented cooking cycles.