Frigidaire 8,000 BTU Portable Room Air Conditioner with Dehumidifier Mode user manual

Customize times to fit your schedule for immediate comfort when you get home and preset the unit to turn on and off in half hour increments.Keep your home comfortable by removing excess moisture from the air.Capture dust from the air and keep your air conditioner working efficiently with our easy-to-clean washable filter.

Drain Outlet

Air Intake

Heat Pump Drain

Outlet (for heat pump model)

Drain Outlet

Accessories Included


Window Kit Connector A

Exhaust hose connector B

Window Kit

Exhaust Hose

Safety Lock

Foam seal A

Foam seal B

Remote Control

Drain hose

Drain hose and connector

(for heat pump model)


Installation Instructions

Installation Instructions


In the Cool Mode the appliance must be placed close to a window or opening so that the warm exhaust air can be ducted

First position unit on a flat floor and is within the vicinity of a single circuit outlet power source. Make sure theres a minimum of 31.5" clearance in the front/back of the unit, and a minimum of 19.7" clearance in the left/right sides of the unit.

1. Extend both side of the exhaust hose(Fig.1)

2. Install the connector B into the unit (Fig.2).

3. Affix the connector A into the window slider kit and seal.(Fig.3&4)

1 Slide onto

Extend the side of hose


Window Slider Kit

Minimum:26.6 (67.5cm)

Maxmum:52.5 (133cm)

Window Slider Kit

Minimum:26.6 (67.5cm)

Maxmum:52.5 (133cm)

The hose can be extended from its original length of 15"up to 59",but it is the best to keep the length to minimum required. Also make sure that the hose does not have any sharp bends or sags.(Fig.5)

Installation Instructions

Installation Instructions(continued)

Installation in a double-hung sash window them to the window and stool.(Fig.6) stool (Fig.7). Attach the window slider kit to the window stool. Adjust the length of the window slider kit according to the width of window.

Screw down the two screws on the window slider kit. See Fig.7.

Cut the adjustable window slider kit if the width of window is less than

26.6 inches(Fig.8). sash.(Fig.9)