Franklin NND-2063 eBook Reader user manual

Key Combinations*

+ BACK Goes to the top level of

Function Keys

Shifts keys to type capitals and punctuation.

Exits the book youre reading.

Clears your menu selection(s) or search word(s) and then displays the Outline menu.

Selects a menu item, enters your search word(s), or starts the highlight in text.

Displays help messages.

Displays the main menus.

Turns BOOKMAN on or off.

Types a space or pages down. the Outline from a lower level.

+ CARD Sends a word between books.

+ ENTER At the Outline, goes to the text. At the text, highlights a footnote, cross-reference, or

+ DN Goes to the next or previous paragraph or Outline location of a word search match.

+Q-P Type numbers.

In a menu, goes to the last or first item. At text, goes to the next or previous section.

+ ? Types an asterisk to stand for letters in search words.

* Hold the first key while pressing the other key.


Installing a Book Card

Welcome to the world of BOOKMAN!

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