Franklin NCS-100 eBook Reader user manual

Types an to stand for a series of letters. During a game, reveals a hint.

Follow the Arrows

The flashing arrows at the right of the screen show which arrow keys you can press to view more text.

Finding Spellings

Its easy to check or correct spellings. When you enter a correct word, a list of similar words appears. When you enter a misspelling, a list of corrections appears. Follow these steps.

1. Type a word. To erase, press

You cannot type capital letters, but capitals are displayed in corrections.

2. Press ENTER .

The flashing arrow indicates more words. repeatedly to view more words.

To find even more corrections, press ENTER

4. Press CLEAR when finished.

Resuming Where You Left Off

If you forget to turn off this spelling corrector, it turns off automatically in about two minutes. When you turn it on again, the screen that you last viewed appears.

Finding Letters in Words

If you are uncertain how to spell a word, type a question mark in place of each unknown letter. A list of matching words will appear.

1. Type a word with question marks for letters. to view more matching words. when finished.

Viewing a Demonstration

To see a brief demonstration of what this spelling corrector can do, press DEMO . To stop the demonstration, press CLEAR .

Help is Always at Hand

You can view a help message at virtually any screen by pressing HELP . To exit a help message, press BACK .

Finding Parts of Words

You can find prefixes, suffixes, and other parts of words by typing asterisks in words. Each asterisk can stand for any series of letters.

1. Type a word with one or more asterisks.