Franklin MWS-2018 eBook Reader user manual

Says a word.

Shows the games list.

Shows the User list menu.

Exits the selected book.

Turns BOOKMAN on or off.

Understanding the Color Keys

The color keys (red, green, yellow, and blue) perform the functions listed above only for the book described in this Users Guide.

Other BOOKMAN books have their own color key functions, which are labelled on their cartridges and listed in their Users Guides. For more information, read Using the Color


Backs up, erases letters, or stops a highlight.

Shifts keys to type punctua-

Enters a search, selects a menu item, or starts a highlight.

Shows help messages.

Types a ? to stand for an unknown letter in a word; shows Confusables in text; shifted, types an to stand for a series of unknown letters.

Direction Keys

Move in indicated direction.

Types a space or pages down.

Star Key Combinations*

Sends a word between books.

Shows next entry or match.

Shows previous entry or match.

while pressing the other key.

Installing Cartridges

Selecting Books

Warning: Never install or remove a cartridge when BOOKMAN is on. If you do, information that you entered in its built-in book, and in an installed cartridge, will be erased.

Once you have installed a cartridge in your BOOKMAN, you must select which book you want to use.

1. Turn BOOKMAN on.

2. Press CARD .