Franklin DBD-4028DL eBook Reader user manual

At a dictionary entry, displays the next or previous entry.

Direction Keys

Move in the indicated direction.

Transfers a word between

Types a hyphen.

*Hold the first key while pressing the second.

At menus and dictionary entries, pages down. At the

Word Entry screen, types a

When the language or languages in your card are different from those in your built-in book, the key references may also be different. Please refer to the grid below for help in determining a particular keys function.


Espaol espaciador

... nchste

Installing BOOKMAN Cards

1. Turn your product off.

2. Turn your product over.

3. Align the tabs on the card with the notches in the slot.

4. Press the card down until it snaps into place.

Removing Cards

Warning: Never install or remove a BOOKMAN card while your product is on. Any information that was entered in the built-in book or card will be erased.

BOOKMAN Card Troubleshooting

Make sure your BOOKMAN card is installed correctly. If your card is performing erratically, follow the reset instructions in Resetting Your Product. If this does not fix the problem, remove

the card and then remove the white rubber strip located between the two metal pins. Clean the rubber strip with your fingers and then replace it making sure it is completely in its notch.

Selecting This Book

Once you have installed the card in your BOOKMAN, you must select this book. Follow these steps:

1. Turn your product on.

2. Press KARTE.

The built-in book is h