Franklin CDS-240 eBook Reader user manual

Not want your name to appear.

To type a space, press . The first letter of each word you type in your name will automatically appear as a capital in this dictionary.

5. Press ENTER . repeatedly to make the screen lighter or darker.

Note: You can make the screen lighter or darker only when Enter a word is on the screen.

RETAIN FOR FUTURE REFERENCE: Use batteries only of the same or equivalent type, inserted with the correct polarity, as recommended in this manual. Exhausted batteries should be removed. Do not mix old and new batteries or batteries of different types. In addition, the supply terminals should not be shorted.

Getting Started

Seeing a Demonstration

You can see a brief demonstration by first pressing LIST (blue) and then pressing until you see See Me Work. Then press

ENTER to see the demonstration. To stop the demonstration, press CLEAR .

Changing the Name

As you saw in Getting Started, you can enter your name or nickname so that it appears when you turn on the dictionary or win a game.

To enter or change the name, first press

(blue) and then press see Enter Your Name. Then press ENTER and use BACK to erase the letters. Type your name or nickname as you want it to appear and then press ENTER again.

Help is Always at Hand

You can view a help message at almost any screen by pressing HELP (light blue). To hear the help message, press SPEAK (green). To turn off the speech, press BACK . To go back to where you were, press BACK again.

Looking up a Word

Its easy to look up the definitions of words with your dictionary. Lets learn how.

1. Press CLEAR .

2. Type a word. For example, type apple.

To erase letters, use BACK . To type a space, press . To type a capital letter, hold down

SHIFT while you type a letter.

3. Press ENTER to see its definition.

to read more of the definition.

5. To hear the definition, press SPEAK (green).

To turn off the speech, press BACK .

To learn more, read Hearing Words.

6. Press CLEAR when you are finished.

About the Automatic Shutoff