Fluke 75 Juicer User Manual

To return to autorange, press rotary switch. for 1 second or turn the

77/75/23/21 English Instruction Sheet

Automatic Touch Hold Mode

To avoid electric shock, do not use the Touch Hold mode to determine if a circuit with high voltage is dead. The Touch Hold mode will not capture unstable or noisy readings.

The Touch Hold mode automatically captures and displays stable readings for all functions.

Single Beep

When the meter captures new input, it beeps and a new reading is displayed.

Stray voltages can produce a new reading.

To exit the Touch Hold mode, press turn the rotary switch. momentarily or

The bar graph shows readings relative to the full scale value of the displayed measurement range and indicates polarity.

77/75/23/21 English Instruction Sheet

If the meter is on but is inactive for an hour (20 minutes in diode test), the display goes blank and displays four bar graph segments. To resume operation, turn the rotary switch or press a

AC and DC Voltage (K L mL)

Millivolts DC

Resistance (e)

Turn off the power and discharge all capacitors. An external voltage across a component will give invalid resistance readings.

77/75/23/21 English Instruction Sheet

Diode Test (G)

Good Diode

Good Diode

Forward Bias

Single Beep

Reverse Bias

77/75/23/21 English Instruction Sheet

Continuity Test ( R )

If continuity exists (resistance < 210 for Models 21/75 and

<270 for Models 23/77), the beeper sounds continuously. The meter beeps twice if it is in Touch Hold mode.

Current (? A)

To avoid injury, do not attempt a current measurement if the open circuit voltage exceeds the rated voltage of the meter.

To avoid blowing an input fuse, use the 10 A jack until you are sure that the current is less than 300 mA.

Turn off power to the circuit. Break the circuit. (For circuits of more than 10 amps, use a current clamp.) Put the meter in series with the circuit as shown and turn power on.

77/75/23/21 English Instruction Sheet

Probe Holder


To avoid electric shock, remove the test leads before opening the case, and close the case before using the meter. To prevent fire and possible arcflash, use fuses with ratings shown on the back of the meter.

To avoid contamination or static damage, do not touch the circuit board without proper static protection.

Internal Fuse Test

77/75/23/21 English Instruction Sheet

Battery Replacement