Exmark TT4817KAC Lawn Mower User Manual


This product is a piece of power equipment.


Failure to follow safe operating practices can result in serious operator injury or even death.


Keep all shields, guards and safety devices (especially the grass discharge system) in place and in proper working condition.

Stop engine and wait for all moving parts to stop. Remove spark plug wire(s) or remove key before adjusting, servicing, or performing maintenance.

If mower deck becomes clogged, stop engine and wait for all moving parts to stop. Remove spark plug wire(s) or remove key before cleaning blockage.

Keep hands, feet, and clothing away from power driven parts.

Keep off mower unless seat platform is provided.

Keep others off mower.


Gasoline is harmful or fatal if swallowed. Long-term exposure to vapors has caused cancer in laboratory animals.


Failure to use caution may cause serious injury or illness.


Avoid prolonged breathing of vapors.

Keep face away from nozzle and gas tank/container opening.

Keep away from eyes and skin.

Never siphon by mouth.

When the mower is used or operated on any California forest, brush or grass covered land, a working

spark arrester must be attached to the muffler. If not, the operator is violating state law, Section 4442

Public Resource Code. To acquire a spark arrester for your unit, see your Engine Service Dealer.

Exmark reserves the right to make changes or add improvements to its products at any time without incurring any obligation to make such changes to products manufactured previously. Exmark, or its distributors and dealers, accept no responsibility for variations which may be evident in the actual specifications of its products and the statements and descriptions contained in this publication.


EFFECTIVE DATE: September 1, 1995

If your Exmark dealer does not have the Exmark part in stock,

Exmark will get the parts to the dealer the next business day or the part will be FREE* Guaranteed!!

How the Program Works

If dealer does not have part in stock for a "down" unit at the time of request by customer, the dealer contacts his

Parts Plus shipment of six (6) line items or less.

Distributor ships part(s) to dealer or customer, as requested by dealer, same day, overnight UPS

Distributor bills dealer for part and freight charges where applicable. central time, with an Exmark Parts Plus order of six (6) line items or less. distributor, same day, overnight UPS, Exmark bills the distributor for parts and shipping charges, where applicable.

The customer pays for the part and freight if it is shipped under the Exmark Parts Plus and if it arrives in accordance to the program.

Who pays for the part and freight if it fails to arrive overnight in accordance to the program?

A. Under any circumstance the customer does not pay.

B. If the part does not arrive overnight due to: pays for the part and freight.

2. The Distributor being unable to ship the part the same day or not submitting the Exmark Parts Plus order

Exmark pays for the part and freight.

4. If the part does not arrive overnight due to the shipper (UPS), the shipper pays for the freight and Exmark pays for the part.

The following restrictions apply -- The Exmark Parts Plus Program is available only through participating Exmark

Dealers and applies only to orders submitted on this program Monday through Thursday. Parts Plus service is available only in the 48 contiguous United States. UPS has initiated a Saturday delivery program to many areas of the continental

United States and can be requested for an overnight shipment on Friday to be delivered Saturday. The next day air charge, plus the Saturday delivery fee will be the responsibility of the purchaser. Exmark Mfg. will assume no responsibility for Saturday delivery shipments. To qualify, all Exmark Parts Plus orders must be received by Exmark by

Any wholegood or accessory in its entirety, engines and engine replacement parts, 5-speed Peerless transmissions and

5-speed transaxles, hydraulic or hydrostatic wheel motors, cutter decks and