Electrolux CF205BS01 Fan User Manual



Ceiling Fan Owner's Manual

Model Numbers

CF205BS01 CF205GES01 CF205VS01

Brushed Nickel

Finish with Opal

Matte Glass and

Dark Mahogany

Golden Espresso with Sandstone

Chocolate Blades

Net Weight:

Part No. F40BP73750002

Vintage Steel with Vintage

Cream Glass and


Oak Blades

Form No. BP7375-2

WARNING: To avoid fire, shock, and serious personal injury, follow these instructions.

Safety Instructions

1. Read your owners manual carefully and keep it for future reference.

2. Before servicing or cleaning unit, switch power off at service panel and lock service panel disconnecting means to prevent power from being switched on accidentally. When the service disconnecting means cannot be locked, securely fasten a warning device, such as a tag, to the service panel.

3. Be careful of the fan and blades when cleaning, painting, or working near the fan. Always turn off the power to the ceiling fan before servicing.

4. Do not put anything into the fan blades while they are turning.

5. Do not operate reversing switch until fan blades have come to a complete stop.

Additional Safety Instructions for Installation

1. To avoid possible shock, be sure electricity is turned off at the fuse box before wiring, and do not operate fan without blades.

2. The installation is to be in accordance with the National Electrical Code, ANSI/NFPA 70-2008 and

Local Codes. Use the National Electrical Code if Local Codes do not exist. The ceiling fan must be grounded as a precaution against possible electrical shock. Electrical installation should be made or approved by a licensed electrician.

3. The outlet box and joist must be securely mounted and capable of reliably outlet boxes commonly used for support of light fixtures are not acceptable for fan support and may need to be replaced. Consult a qualified electrician if in doubt.

4. The longer downrod furnished with the fan provides the minimum recommended floor to fan blade clearance for a 9 foot ceiling. The 6 downrod (supplied) must be used for an 8 foot ceiling.

5. The fan must be mounted with the fan blades at least 7 feet from the floor to prevent accidental contact with the fan blades.

6. Follow the recommended instructions for the proper method of wiring your ceiling fan. If you do not know enough about electrical wiring, have your fan installed by a licensed electrician.

CAU TION: The halogen bulbs operate at high internal pressure and high surface temperatures and could shatter unexpectedly. The halogen bulbs generate UV

(ultraviolet) radiation that may cause skin and eye irritation with prolonged exposure. To avoid risks of burns or other injury, assure power is off before attempting to install or replace halogen bulb. Do not operate fan/light without lower glass in place.

7. This fan uses halogen bulbs. Do not touch the bulb with bare hands. Fingerprints may result in shorter bulb life. Remove fingerprints with alcohol.

NOTE: This fan is suitable for use with solid-state speed controls.

WARNING: To reduce the risk of fire or electric shock, this fan should only be used with fan speed control Model No. UC7067RA, manufactured by Rhine Electric Co., Ltd.

W ARN ING: This product is designed to use only those parts supplied with this product and/or any accessories designated specifically for use with this product by Emerson

Electric Co. Substitution of parts or accessories not designated for use with this product by

Emerson Electric Co. could result in personal injury or property damage.

WARNING: To reduce the risk of personal injury, do not bend the blade flange when installing the blade flanges, balancing the blades or cleaning the fan. Do not insert foreign objects in between


The date code of this fan may be found on the box, stamped in ink on a white label.

You should record this data above and keep it in a safe place for future use.

This Manual Is Designed to Make it as Easy as Possible for You to Assemble,

Install, Operate and Maintain Your Ceiling Fan

Tools Needed for Assembly

One Phillips head screwdriver

One wire cutter

Installed Wire Length

Up to 50 ft.

50-100 ft.

One stepladder

One wire stripper

Wiring outlet box and box connectors must be of type required by the local code. The minimum wire would be a 3-conductor (2-wire with ground) of the following size:

Before assembly your ceiling fan, refer to section on proper method of wiring your fan (page 6).

If you feel you do not have enough wiring knowledge or experience, have your fan installed by a licensed electrician.

Unpacking Instructions k. Three decorative rod assemblies l. Six decorative rod assembly screws (bagged