Diamond D353I Speaker user manual

Crossover Programming

Each D3 component set comes with a pair of model specific programmable crossovers. Under the cover there is a jumper marked TWEETER + 2dB, 0 or - 2dB. Tweeter attenuation can be achieved by moving the jumper to the appropriate position. The 0dB position has no attenuation effect on the tweeter.

RAF Outputs

Each D3 component crossover has a third set of outputs marked RAF. This stands for Rear Acoustic

Fill. This output can be used to power an additional speaker off the same channel without affecting the impedance load on the source unit. This output provides 15-20% of the total power to the extra speaker and is unfiltered or full range.

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The illustration below shows how to connect one channel of the D3 component system.

Mid-bass Driver

Optional RAF


Parameter (unit)

D353/D353i D363/D363i D363.5/D363.5i