Continental CAD-20 Refrigerator user manual

Standard Unit Specifications of UniPac Single Phase Chillers

General Description

Continentals Single Phase Air and Water Cooled Chillers are packaged systems complete with scroll compressor(s), air condenser(s), individual cooler/evaporator(s), independent refrigerant circuit(s) and a control center all mounted on a heavy duty structural steel frame.

Sight glass/ moisture indicator

Suction line fully insulated, designed for proper oil return at minimum friction loss

Discharge line formed of clean ACR type tubing and pre-formed radius fitting

Scroll Compressor(s)

Control Center

Compressors are well proven state-of-the-art scrolls with fewer moving parts, less rotating mass, and less internal friction than traditional reciprocating compressors.

Motor is suction gas-cooled, hermetically sealed, two pole, squirrel cage induction type and is directly driven at 3600 rpm.

All compressor(s) are mounted on resilient pads to minimize vibration.

Air Cooled Condenser for Air Cooled Models

Condenser Coil-industrial quality, seamless copper tube

Fins-all aluminum, die formed with full selfspacing collars that completely cover the copper tube; fins are mechanically bonded to the copper tubes

Propeller Fans-large surface, low speed, low sound level propeller fans for vertical airflow; fans are statically and dynamically balanced and operate at low tip speeds for low vibration and sound levels

Fan Guards- PVC coated for long life

Fan Venturi- high collar fully spun venturi design for high efficiency and low outlet noise

Fan Motors-special enclosed air over motor design with built-in overload protection; single phase motors operate at a low speed of

Water Cooled Condenser for Water Cooled Models

Each water cooled condenser is of shell/coil design. The condenser water flows through special heat transfer copper tube.

Refrigerant flows through the steel shell and a built in receiver.

Cooler/Evaporator for All Models

Each cooler/evaporator is of shell/coil design. The water to be chilled flows through special heat transfer copper tube. Refrigerant flows through the steel shell/receiver.

Refrigerant Piping

Each Refrigerant circuit includes:

Liquid line with charging connection

Filter drier

Liquid solenoid valve with 115 V coil (220 V or 24 V, optional)

All power, starting, safety and operating controls are mounted in a built in fully enclosed, weather proof control panel