Contemporary Research AV6X4 Stereo Receiver User Manual

6x4 Matrix A/V Router

RS-232 Control

Contemporary Research presents the AV6x4, a flexible, controllable matrix switcher for routing six stereo A/V inputs to four stereo A/V outputs. Using the simplified front-panel controls, it's easy to switch VCRs, DVDs CDs, cameras and other sources to TVs, projectors, and plasma displays. Route and input to any combination of outputs, send both audio and video, or switch audio and video separately. Advanced capabilities are available from front-panel programming as well, including adjusting input levels, setting RS-232 baud rate and device number, and selectively enabling or disabling front-panel features.

The AV6x4 is a popular choice for conference rooms, home theaters, and classrooms because it is easily controllable by computer software and custom control systems. Up to three switchers, as well as CR stereo TV and FM tuners, can be controlled by a single RS232 control port. Simple and logical, the AV6x4 ASCII protocol is easy to integrate for system control, setup, and feedback.

Switches six A/V inputs to any four outputs

BNC video inputs and outputs (composite NTSC, PAL, SECAM)

Vertical interval routing for clean glitch-free switching

Internal DIP switch provides 75 ohm input termination or Hi-Z video T-connection operation

Stereo gold RCA inputs and outputs

Audio-follow-video or breakaway audio and video switching

Adjustable input levels help to balance audio from sources with different output levels

Master Mute for all video and audio outputs

Operates from RS-232 control port or front-panel control

Simple ASCII commands and feedback for computer or control system integration

Opto-isolated RS-232 port reduces interference and ground loops

Control up to three switchers or other CR RS-232 products from a single RS-232 control port

Programmable front-panel control enable/disable

Simplified switching and setup using front-panel buttons and LED indicators

Restores all operation status after loss of power from data stored in non-volatile memory

Mounts on shelf or in 19 equipment rack

AV6x4 Specifications


19" [483mm] wide x 1.75" [38mm] height (1RU) x 9.25" [235mm] deep

4.25lbs [1.47Kg]

All aluminum, including front extrusion, durable black powder coat paint

Front Panel

Mute All A/V:

Routing Mode:

Routing Control:

Toggling Mute for all audio and video, red LED lights when muted

Cycling routing mode selection red LED (Audio only), green LED (Video only),or both LEDs (A/V)

Select Mode

Select Output (A, B, C, or D), LEDs show the current audio and video input routed to output

Selecting Input (1-6) initiates switch, LEDs reflect change

Rear Panel

Remote Control:

Audio Inputs:

Audio Outputs:

Video Inputs:

Video Outputs:

2.1mm coaxial jack (inside center conductor positive), 300 mA maximum

11.5 to 17 VDC, 12 VDC typical (may be unregulated)

DB-9 male RS-232 port for interface to control system

Front panel set-up for 300 to 9600 baud. Always 8 data bits, no parity, 1 stop bit

Standard ASCII keyboard character strings available from any terminal program

Status update is sent after every front panel or RS-232 command

6 stereo (dual channel) gold RCA female

Unbalanced line level, 20K ohms and buffered

Each input programmable from -9 to +9dB in 3dB steps

Maximum level, including any AV6x4 gain, +11 dBm (3.5V rms or 10V peak to peak)

4 stereo (dual channel) gold RCA female

Unbalanced line level, buffered, 100 ohms (capable of driving 600 ohm load to +11dBm)

Frequency Response 20Hz to 30KHz flat

Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) < 0.01%

<-75dB @ 1KHz Crosstalk

<-75dB Noise

6 BNC female

NTSC, PAL, or SECAM composite

2 V peak to peak maximum level

75 ohms Impedance (+/- 1%) or internal DIP switch selectable to HI-Z for looping

4 BNC female

Video Op-amp with 75 ohm (+/- 1%) series termination

DC through 10 MHz response

< -55dB @ 4.43 MHz (chroma) Crosstalk

< -70dB Noise

< 0.1% Differential Gain

< 0.2 Differential Phase

Vertical interval Switching

19 mounting brackets

12 VDC Power Supply (Included for North American shipments only)

CC-232 Cables for control, linking multiple units

232-STA Stereo TV Tuner (may be daisy-chained with AV6x4 for RS-232 control)

232-FMA Stereo FM Tuner (may be daisy-chained with AV6x4 for RS-232 control)

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