Conair LTGS40RCS Electric Shaver User Manual

NOTE: if you are switching to an electric shaver for the first time, it will take 12 uses for your skin and hair to adjust to this new method of removing hair. Do not evaluate performance until you have allowed your skin and hair to

1. Be sure the unit is fully charged

2. Attach the shaver head as describe in Changing

The Heads section

3. Move the power switch to the on position

4. Hold the shaving foil against the skin moving the shaver gently against the direction of hair growth

5. Dont push too hard against the skin as this will cause irritation and may damage the foil

6. As your skin may be sensitive after shaving, test your moisturizer on a small patch of skin and wait to see if irritation occurs

7. Cleaning: After each use you will need to clean the shaver head to ensure continued performance

8. Move the power on/off switch to the off position.

The shaver head is designed to provide a clean, close shave to your legs, arms, and underarms.

Take care with the foil as it is very sensitive and easily damaged. Always inspect it for damage before you use it.

Never use a foil that is damaged, as this can result in injury. Make sure your skin is clean and dry before use. Do not use any lotions or oils before

8. Siempre conecte el cable a la base antes de conectarlo al tomacorriente. Para desconectar el aparato, coloque todos los ajustes en la posicin de apagado OFF y desenchufe el cable.


Unidad recargable

(cargue el aparato durante 16 horas antes de usarlo por primera vez)

2. La hoja de afeitar es muy fina y precisa.

No la apriete mucho sobre la piel ni la deje caer. Una hoja lastimada o deformada podra provocar una herida y impedir el buen funcionamiento de su aparato. Reemplace la hoja defectuosa inmediatamente.

How to charge

Rechargeable Unit

(charge for 16 hours prior to first use)

To remove the bikini or the eyebrow trimmer, follow the same process for removing the shav