Combi Victoria 8850 Car Seat user manual

Section 12.

Vehicle Seat Belts...

Section 8.

Rear-facing Installation

Rear-facing Set-Up

And Adjustment...

Rear-facing Installation

With LATCH...

Rear-facing Installation

With Vehicle Seat Belt...

Section 13.

Rear-facing Belt Lock-off...

Section 14.

Section 15.

Section 16.

Additional Information


Aircraft Use...

Warm Weather...

Vehicle Seat Protection...

Car Seat Useful Life...

Instructions Manual Storage...

Care and Cleaning...

Registration Information...

Section 17.

Re-Use After A Crash...

Section 18.

Limited Warranty...

Section 9.

Forward-facing Installation

Forward-facing Set-Up

And Adjustment...

Forward-facing Installation

With LATCH...

Forward-facing Installation

With Vehicle Seat Belt...

Keep this instruction manual for future use.

Store instruction manual in harness shield on back of seat.

Section 2 - Warnings


Failure to follow these instructions and car seat labels can result in injury or death to a child from striking the vehicles interior during a sudden stop

Use only in a rear-facing position when using this car seat with an infant less than one year old and weighing less than 20 pounds (9 kg).

Use only with children who weigh between 5 and

40 pounds (2.3 and 18 kg) and whose height is between 19 and 40 inches (48 and 102 cm).

Discontinue use when childs weight exceeds

40 pounds (18 kg) or shoulders are above the top shoulder belt slots.

Snugly adjust harness provided with the car seat around child.

Harness covers MUST be used when forward-facing.

For proper harness fit:

- Infant insert must be used with small infants.

- Shoulder belts MUST be through shoulder belt slots in infant insert.

- Discontinue use of the infant insert when shoulder belts become too short to fit infant.

To prevent loose harness and risk of ejection, harness shield must be in place during use.

Secure this child restraint with the vehicles LATCH

System if available or with a vehicle seat belt as shown in this manual.

LATCH System or vehicle seat belt MUST stay tightly adjusted around car seat at all times.

Secure the top anchor strap provided with this child restraint as specified in this instruction manual.

Securely belt this car seat in vehicle, even when not occupied. An unsecured car seat can injure other occupants in a crash.

Never leave child unattended, even when sleeping.

Strangulation Hazard: Child can strangle in loose harness straps.