Carson Optical RP-200 Telescope user manual

Objective Lens

Lens Shade

Optical Tube Assembly

8x21mm Erecting Finder Scope

Focus Knobs

Optical Tube Saddle Plate

Altitude Adjustment Flexible Cable

Horizontal Adjustment Flexible Cable

Horizon Mount

Horizon Mount Base

Tripod Legs

Eyepiece Holder Thumb Screw

Optical Tube Assembly Tripod Connector

Saddle Plate Lock

Altitude Dial

Focuser Draw Tube

45 Corner Lens

Mount Locking Screw

Altitude Lock Knob

Finder Scope Bracket Thumbscrews

Finder Scope Focus Knob

Focuser Draw Tube Locking Screw

Finder Scope Bracket Thumb Screw

Finder Scope Bracket

45 Corner Lens Thumb Screw

Tripod Tightening Ring

Tripod Brace

Eyepiece Holder Slots

Tripod Hook

Tripod Leg Lock Closed

Tripod Leg Lock Open

Assembly of your Red Planet Telescope:

Setting Up Your Tripod:

The aluminum tripod comes preassembled and ready-to-use. Remove the tripod from the box and pull apart the legs. Gently push down the tripod braces (Fig. 6-28) until they are in the lowest position. Turn the tightening ring (Fig. 6-27) (located at the center of the Tripod Brace) clockwise to lock the tripod in the open position. You can then extend the legs to the desired height by pulling open the tab on each leg lock (Fig. 6-32), sliding the leg down the desired amount and then pushing the leg lock back against the leg into the locked position (Fig. 6-31). Repeat the process with each leg trying to keep the tripod as level as possible with the ground. You will notice there are holes in the tripod leg braces (Fig. 6-29). These are designed to hold eyepieces when not in use.

Attaching the Horizon Mount:

Remove the horizon mount (Fig. 1-10) from the box and place the bottom of the mount (Fig. 1-11) into the hole in the top of the tripod head and secure with the mount locking screw (Fig. 3-19). Please be careful to make sure that the mount is securely attached to the tripod.

Attaching the Slow Motion Cables:

Locate the two slow motion cables (Fig. 1-8,9). Loosen the screw at the end of each cable so that it does not protrude through the hole. Slide one cable onto the shaft on the side of the horizon mount (Fig. 1-9) (located closest the bottom of the mount) and tighten down with the locking screw. Slide the remaining cable onto the altitude adjustment shaft (Fig. 1-8) (located near the middle of the mount) and tighten down with the locking screw. These slow motion cables will allow you to make fine pointing adjustments to the telescope both horizontally and vertically. This will be discussed in more detail later.

Attaching the Telescope Tube to the Mount:

The top of the equatorial mount