Carrier ASPB07-1SI Portable Generator user manual

40A OR 70A 2-POLE








The product contains or emits chemicals known to the state of

California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive

Study these SAFETY RULES carefully before installing, operating or servicing this equipment. Becomefamiliar with this Installation Guide and the Instaflation & Owner'sManualincluded with the unit. The generatorcan

Thank you for purchasing this model of the CARRIERproduct line. This model is a compact, high performance, air-cooled,engine-driven generator designed to automatically supply electrical power to operate critical loads during a utility powerfailure.

Thisunit is factory installedin an all-weather,acousticalmetalenclosure operateusingeitherliquid propanegas(LPG)or naturalgas(NG).



If youdo not understandanyportionof this manual,contactCARRIER


Throughoutthis publication,and on tags and decals affixed to the generator,DANGER, and NOTEblocksare usedto alert you to special instructionabout a particular operationthat may be hazardousif performedincorrectly

Theirdefinitionsare asfollows:

Afterthisheading,youcanreadinstructions that,if notstrictly compliedwith,will resultin seriouspersonalinjury,severe propertydamageand/orwithoutlimitation,death.


that,if notstrictly compliedwith, may resultin seriouspersonalinjuryand/or severepropertydamage.

Afterthisheading, youcanreadinstructions that, if notstrictly compliedwith,couldresultin damageto equipment

Afterthisheading, youcanreadexplanatory statements thatrequire specialemphasis.

Thesesafety warningscannoteliminatethe hazardsthat they indicate.

Commonsenseand strict compliancewith the specialinstructionswhile performingthe serviceare essentialto preventingaccidents.

Fourcommonlyusedsafetysymbolsaccompany the DANGER,

Thissymbolpointsout importantsafety information that, if not followed,couldendangerpersonalsafetyand/orpropertyof you andothers.

Thissymbolpointsout potentialexplosion

Thissymbolpointsout potentialfire hazard.

,/_ Thissymbolpointsout potentialelectricalshockhazard.


- Themanufacturer rules for safe operationbe copiedand postednear the unit's installationsite. Safetyshouldbe stressedto all operatorsand potentialoperatorsofthisequipment.

The engine exhaust from this product contains chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. operate safely, efficiently and reliably only if it is properly installed, operated and maintained. Many accidents are caused by failing to follow simple and fundamental rules or precautions.

CARRIERcannot possibly anticipate everypossiblecircumstance that might to the unit are,therefore,not all-inclusive. If you use a procedure,work method or operating technique not specifically recommended,you must satisfy yourself that it is safe for you and others. You also must make sure the procedure,work method or operating technique that you choose does not renderthe generatorunsafe.

Despitethe safe designof this generator,operatingthis imprudently, neglectingits maintenanceor being carelesscan cause possibleinjuryor death. Permit only responsible andcapablepersons to operateor maintainthisequipment.

Potentially lethal voltagesare generatedby these machines.

Ensureall stepsare taken to renderthe machinesafe before attemptingto workonthegenerator.

Parts of the generatorare rotating and/or hot duringoperation.



Forsafetyreasons,CARRIER recommends that the installation,initial start up and maintenance of this equipmentis carriedout bya Dealer.

The engine exhaustfumes contain carbon monoxide,which can be

This dangerousgas, if breathedin sufficientconcentrations,