Carrier ASPASICCA015 Portable Generator user manual

ASPAS1OCA012 - 12 kW NG, 12 kW LP, V-twin GT990 Engine

ASPAS1COA015 - 13 kW NG, 15 kW LP, V-twin GT990 Engine


It is the operator's responsibility to perform all safety checks, to make sure that all maintenance for safe operation is performed promptly, and to have the equipment checked periodically by a Carrier Dealer.

Normal maintenance service and replacement of parts are the responsibility of the owner/operator and, as such, are not considered defects in materials or workmanship within the terms of the warranty. Individual operating habits and usage contribute to the need for maintenance

Proper maintenance and care of the generator ensures a minimum number of problems and keep operating expenses at a minimum. See a Carrier Dealer for service aids and accessories.

After this heading, read instructions that, if not strictly complied with, could result in damage to equipment and/or property.

After this heading, read explanatory that require special emphasis. statements

These safety warnings cannot eliminate the hazards that they indicate. Common sense and strict compliance with the special instructions performing the service are essential to preventing accidents.

Four commonly used safety symbols accompany the

DANGER, WARNING and CAUTION blocks. The type of information each indicates follows:

_This information symbol that, pointsif out not important followed, safety endanger personal safety and/or property of

_This hazard. symbol points out potential explosion symbol points out potential fire hazard. shocksymbol


When the generator requires servicing or repairs, contact a Carrier Dealer for assistance. Service technicians are factory-trained and are capable of handling all service

When contacting a Carrier Dealer about parts and service, always supply the complete model number and serial number of the unit as given on its data decal, which is located on the generator. See Figure 1.1 or Figure 1.2 in

Section 1.4 for decal location.

Serial No.

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