Canon Digital Camera Digital Camera User Manual


Revised 1/12/04

This document outlines the modification of the Canon Sure

Shot Owl PF Date Camera so the shutter controls can be operated remotely. It is recommended that the following three wire setup be used in all cameras modified, and alternate 2 wire setups are converted outside the camera.

Please note that following these modifications will void the cameras warranty. No guarantee is implied or expressed in these instructions. This is my way of modifying the Canon Sure

Shot Owl PF Date Camera and modifications have worked to my satisfaction. Alternate modification methods are recognized as valid alternatives.

#1 Remove the Screws

The first step is to remove the screws from the camera body. There are 7 screws that need to be removed. #0 Philips Screwdriver is recommend for screw removal.

Remove screws next to battery door

Remove screw on back

Remove screws from side

Remove screw from door latch side

Remove screw inside camera enclosure

#2 Remove Viewfinder Shroud, Battery Door, and Shutter Button Assembly

Remove viewfinder shroud by prying shroud away from camera body at the top corner.

Viewfinder shroud removed from camera body.

Remove shutter button assembly.

Remove battery door.

#3 Remove the Camera Body from the Camera Cover

Remove the camera body from the camera cover by prying the body from the battery compartment. The camera body can be removed completely from the camera cover.

The camera body removed from the camera cover.

Camera body / cover.

#4 Modify Wire Route and Attach Wiring Harness

Locate camera body side with strap guide.

Notch the strap guide for the wire route.

Insert wires through lower hole in camera cover, and hot glue free end into strap guide slot.

#5 Wiring the Camera

Wire the camera with the following positions. One wire is soldered to the pad that connects to pin

6, (counted from right to left) on the top pc board of the camera. This is the refresh wire.

One wire is soldered to the pad that connects to pin 5, (counted from right to left) on the top pc board of the camera. This is the shutter wire.

The last wire is soldered to the spot indicated on the front pc board of the camera body.

This is the common wire.

Better picture of solder pad 4 (common)

#6 Reassemble Camera Body and Cover

Slide camera body into camera cover inserting right side of camera body first.

Press camera body into camera cover, until the door latch hits edge of camera body.

Pry camera cover over door latch and slide camera body back into camera cover. Check fit at bottom of camera cover.

Check fit on top of camera cover

Check wiring harness to make sure wires are not located directly under top screw hole.

#7 Reinstall Shutter Button Assembly, Battery Door, and Viewfinder Shroud.

Reinstall shutter button assembly, battery door, and viewfinder shroud that were removed in step

#8 Reinstall Screws

Reinstall screws, starting with the longest screws at the strap guide holes. Squeeze camera body and camera cover together for these screws only.

Finish screw reinstall for remaining screws.

#9 Finish Hardwired Camera and Testing

Complete wired camera with three wire setup, showing servo three wire connector.

To test camera, refresh wire #6 and shutter wire #5 are solder together.

Camera will fire flash when these two wires are touched to common wire #4.

Camera must be on, and back door must be latched.

Film winding will be heard after the first test. Subsequent test will not include winding without film in the camera. A 6 second delay is needed between tests for the flash capacitor to recharge.

All rights reserved.

Credits: Original modifications and knowledge gained from Jesses Hunting and Outdoors c/o: Game Trail Cameras & Video Forum.