Braun 375 Electric Shaver user manual

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Slide the battery cover p in the direction indicated by the arrow, then open. Insert batteries o with the poles in the direction marked.

Close the battery cover and slide it back to start position.

This appliance operates on two

1.5 volt batteries. For best performance, use alkaline manganese batteries (type LR 6, AM 3, MN 1500 or size AA alkaline). These batteries provide a shaving capacity of approx. 60 minutes.

Note: Never leave batteries in the shaver for long periods of time when the shaver is not in use (danger of leakage). Take expired batteries out of the shaver immediately.

Used batteries should not be thrown away with the household waste. Please dispose of them at special collection points or return them to your retailer or authorized service centre.

Turn the twisting protective cap q (a)

until it clicks in place as shown (b).

This will extend your shaver for better handling and allow operation of the on /off switch.

To switch the shaver on, push the on /off switch w upward to the on

Hold the shaver at right angles to your skin (c) and shave against the direction of beard growth.

Tip: Stretch the skin slightly and only apply gentle pressure.

Longhair trimmer

Use the pop-out longhair trimmer z for exact trimming of side burns and moustaches (d ). To operate, push up the switch u to setting trimmer .

The longhair trimmer can be operated at any time during shaving.

Cleaning and maintenance

To experience the best possible shave you should clean the shaver after each use:

1. Press foil frame release buttons t and remove the foil frame r (e).

2. Tap the foil frame gently against a