Big Agnes Pomer Hoit SL 0 Camping Equipment User Manual

Sleeping Bag Care Instructions

You should only wash a sleeping bag when absolutely necessary; just a couple of times over the life of the bag. Bag insulations are fragile and their performance can be adversely affected if not washed correctly.

If you prefer not to clean the bag yourself, we recommend the following businesses:

All About Down in Seattle 206-784-3444 or Blanc Plume in Kansas City 816-221-0902.

If you have a bag with 750 down fill or higher, we recommend using a professional

Home Cleaning

9 All bags should be washed and dried in an oversized, commercial washer and dryer. Use a front load, tumble washer, NOT a top loading, agitator machine.

Agitator washers can eat your bag!

9 Wash all insulations in cold or warm water, not to exceed 140f. Dawn dishwashing liquid is good for washing bags with down or Polarguard insulation.

Just be careful not to use too much dish soap because it is very sudsy.

9 Do not Dry Clean bags. Dry Cleaning solution is a petroleum-based solvent that will coat the insulation and prevent it from re-lofting.

Down fill bags

9 Down bags should be dried thoroughly at a MEDIUM heat setting.

9 Pull the bag out during the drying process and "break up" the wet clumps of down so that they can dry completely. Be careful when pulling the clumps apart so you dont damage the down.

9 Make sure the bag is completely dry to avoid mildew. This could take 2-3 hours.

Synthetic fill bags

9 Synthetic fibers wont clump together during washing like down so there arent any clumps to break apart while drying.

9 We recommend adding a fabric softener to the final rinse cycle to retain the aesthetics of synthetic fibers.

9 Dry at a LOW heat setting and make sure the bag is completely dry.

Sleeping bags should be aired out and dry before storing.

Store the bag by hanging or loosely rolling.

Keep in a cool, dry place.

Never store a sleeping bag in its stuff sack or tightly compressed.