Bernard SPEC FN-1.1 Welder User Manual

Flex Necks

MIG Welding Accessory

Issued Nov. 2006 SPEC FN-1.1

The Right Tool for the Job.

To improve comfort and minimize downtime, we offer a wide variety of interchangeable necks for greater flexibility and better weld puddle visibility.

Easily adjusted to t any angle and save time and money for changing out an inventorying expensive specialty guns.

Bernard Flex Neck

Fit all Q-Guns and S-Guns - from 150 - 600

Changeover and rotate without tools.

Stay-Tite connection improves conductivity for better weld quality, lessens heat to increase operator comfort.

See neck spec sheet for details on our complete offering of interchangeable necks.

Available in 6" and 8" lengths limited access positions and improved operator comfort.

Easily removable for Jump Liner changeover.

Stay-Tite Technology

Long-lasting power cable compression fittings and necks with large tapered gun connections combine to form the foundation of Bernard

Stay-TiteTM technology.

This technology ensures optimal conductivity to increase weld consistency and lessen heat output while improving product durability.

Pride and without

Compromise in the

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Available Flex Necks & Installation Instructions

Allow neck to cool before removing or installing gas diffuser!

Do not overtighten diffuser onto ex-neck!

Excessive tightening/twisting can lead to premature failure!

IMPORTANT! Use two hands to bend the

exible head assembly as shown.

2006 Bernard