Audiovox 50-0263x-001 SERIES VCR user manual

See Figure 3.

4. Remove and discard (4) four screws from the side of VCP. Partially install (4) four #8 x 3/4" screws

(item 2 pg 2). See Figure 4.

5. Align screws in VCP with slots in bracket and slide into position. Make sure wiring does not rub against edge of bracket. See Figure 5.

6. Carefully position housing top (item 4 pg 2) on

VCP and slide VCP rearward until housing contacts plastic panel. Mark position of bracket and remove housing and VCP. Install (3) three

#8 x 1 1/2" (item 2 pg 2) in holes in bracket and tighten (1) one screw previously installed.

NOTE: Do not overtighten screws.

See Figure 6.

7. Make all necessary wiring connections to VCP. Check function of VCP and video system. See operating instructions included with components. For further assistance, refer to the video system manual for the technical support phone number listed for your area.

Install VCP and tighten screws. Make sure VCP screws are positioned at bottom of slot.

CAUTION: Do not overtighten screws.

See Figure 7.

8. Install housing bottom (item 5 pg 2) and secure to bracket by inserting clips into slots and pressing firmly. Make sure contour of housing matches floor of vehicle prior to securing clips.

9. Carefully install housing top and press firmly along bottom edge to secure Velcro tape.

See Figure 9.