Aube Technologies TH146-P-DE Heat Pump User Manual

Controller terminal L to heat pump terminal L

Controller terminal W to heat pump terminal W (see section

Controller terminal G to heat pump terminal G (see section

24 V Transformer

You might need a 24 V transformer if you have an add-on installation. Connect the transformer to the controller terminals R and C (24

RC845 Relay

If you have an add-on installation, you might need a relay such as

Aubes RC845 to connect the furnace (auxiliary heating) and its fan to the controller. Install the relay near the control module. Connect the wires of the RC845 relay as follows:

relay terminals W, G and C to controller terminals W, G and

relay terminals T and T to the appropriate furnace terminals:

T and T (oil); TH and TH (gas); R and W (electric).

NOTE: Refer to the relays installation instructions for more details.


Connect the humidifier to controller terminals C and H (no polarity).

Outdoor Sensor (AC144-03)

The outdoor sensor is required for the following:

balance points

automatic humidity control

outdoor temperature display

defrost point

When installing the sensor, observe the following guidelines:

Avoid locations where the sensor can be covered with snow or exposed to direct sunlight.

Avoid air outlets and concealed chimneys or stove pipes.

Install the sensor using its mounting clip and connect it to controller terminals OS and CS (no polarity).

Dual-energy Input

The dual-energy input can be connected to the dual-register meter equipped with a normally open (NO) dry contact. Connect the terminals DE and CC of the controller to the terminals (yellow and red wires) of the dual-register meter.

When the contact is open, the heat pump and auxiliary heating operate as usual. The contact closes when the outdoor temperature drops below the set threshold. When the contact is closed, the heat pump is disabled and only the auxiliary heat can be used.

2.10 Unoccupied Mode Input

To use the unoccupied mode, the controller requires a remote control device such as Aubes telephone controller CT241 equipped with a dry-contact output (normally open). The unoccupied mode is activated when the contact closes. (See section 6.4.)

2.11Wiring Table

Plenum Sensor (AC146-410)

The plenum sensor measures the temperature inside the plenum.

This data is required for high pressure protection during the defrost cycle (see section 4.3).

NOTE: The plenum sensor is generally needed for add-on installations only. It is not needed if the heat pump is not connected to the controller terminal WW.

Install the sensor on the side of the plenum and position it such that its a