Ashly WR-5E Universal Remote user manual

WR-5e NE Product Remote Control

1. Introduction

The WR-5e is a microprocessor based remote control unit for most Ashly NE products. Compatible products currently include Pema amplifiers, ne8800 and ne4800 system processors, the ne24.24M matrix processor, and all models of the NE multichannel (four or eight channel) power amplifiers. Additional products may become available in the future. Using Protea NE software, six function select buttons and two parameter adjust buttons are available to control a limited range of assigned functions within their host product. Up to four WR-5e units can be daisy-chained and phantom powered from one NE product, and even more can be added using an in-line power supply adapter such as the Ashly RPS-18. Note: If a WR-5e is used with a NE host product, no other serial communications devices, including the Ashly RD-8C, may be used with that product.

The WR-5e is designed to fit into a European electrical wall box, but functionally is the same as the WR-5. Electrical connections to the host unit are made using a four conductor low gauge wire terminated with euroblock connectors. There is also a two pin jumper labelled J6 which requires the provided female jumper to be installed in specific situations (see section 2). A standard decora plate (not included) can be purchased separately to cover the WR-5e electrical box and satisfy the aesthetic needs of the installation.

Note: Avoid static shock disruptions to connected devices by mounting the WR-5e to an earthgrounded metal wall box, or by earth-grounding a metal decora plate. This prevents any static discharge from flowing through the data lines.

Each of six buttons on the WR-5e can be programmed through Protea NE Software to engage one of the following functions (if available): preset recall, preset scroll, gain control, channel engage/mute, zone source selection, logic output active high, logic output active low, and matrix mixer, with a green LED next to each button to display active status. To the right of each button is a pocket in the mylar overlay for a paper function label to be inserted. The two other buttons are used to adjust function parameters, indicated by the LED display.

Operating Manual - WR-5e Remote Control for NE Products

2. Wiring a WR-5e

The WR-5 uses a four conductor phantom powered serial bus to connect to its host unit or to subsequent

WR-5 units. Up to four WR-5 remotes can be powered from one host unit. Ashly makes an Inline Power

Booster for use in applications that require more than four WR-5 remotes.

Four conductor telephone wire is suitable for all wiring, as well as

CAT5, but if shielded wiring is used be sure to ground the source end of the shield. Under no circumstances should shielding be left unconnected to ground, as the added line capacitance will degrade the data signal.

Wiring in Series: If more than one WR-5 is being wired in series, connect the next length of four conductor bus wire from the first

WR-5s LINK connector to the following WR-5 INPUT connector, and so on, until the last WR-5 is wired. On the last

WR-5 in series wiring, and even if there is only one

WR-5, install the female jumper J6 on the back of the pcb to terminate the serial data bus, and make sure all prior WR-5 units have that jumper removed.

Maximum cable length for data integrity is 1,000 ft between the host unit and the first WR-5, and 1,000 ft between each subsequent WR-5.

Wiring in parallel from a central location: Some installations are more suited to wiring multiple WR-5 units from one central location rather than daisy-chaining one WR-5 to the next. Using a punch down block wired to the host units data connector, each WR-5 uses one four conductor cable terminated with a single euroblock connector originating from the punch down block.

The +18 and Ground connections get parallel wired to each WR-5 (up to four), but the data signal still gets wired in series In the following manner: Wire the host units Data Out (pin 2) to the punch down block, then out from there to the first WR-5 Data Input (J2 pin 2), out J2 pin 1 back to an isolated punch

Operating Manual - WR-5e Remote Control for NE Products

down block connection, then back out from there to the next WR-5 data input (J2 pin 2), out J2 pin

1 of that WR-5 back to yet another isolated punch down block connection, and so on, with the last

WR-5 Data Output (J2 pin 1) wired back to the host units Data In connection. In this type of centralized wiring scheme, every WR-5 that returns its data signal back to the punch down block using

J2 pin 1 must have its J6 jumper installed. Without the J6 jumper installed, the data input signal on

J2 pin 2 is routed to J3 pin 2 for WR-5 series wiring as illustrated above. Maximum cable length for data integrity is 1,000 combined feet between any two active units.

When more than four WR-5s are being used, an external DC power supply is required. The power supply m