A.O. Smith EES - 40 Water Heater user manual

Heating-up time T=55C

Maximum working pressure

Maximum weight

Shipping data

Weight empty

Weight incl. packaging

Width packaging

Height packaging

Depth packaging


Cold water

Tank drain valve

3/4-14 NPT

3/4-14 NPT

(n/a for EES 6/15/20)

Dimensions in mm. All EES water heaters receive a five years warranty on the tank and one year on parts.

EES 30-120

Installation diagrams

EES 30-120

Pressure reducing valve

Stop valve

Non-return valve

Drain valve

Isolating valve

Expansion relief valve

Expansion vessel

Three way valve

Water tank

Float valve

Cold water

Overow pipe

Expansion vent pipe kits utilise combination valves.

Further installation and connection details can be found in the Installation &

Commissioning Manual.

EES 30-120

Electrical diagrams

Standard electrical supply

Safety thermostat

Control thermostat with selector switch

Heating elements

Control themostat

Off peak electrical supply

For the parts numbers of components please refer to the Maintenance and accessories chapter.

Data subject to change INT/0808/EES/01

Terms and conditions apply, please refer to our website.

EES 30-120