Akai AR321S Clock Radio user manual

3.)Press any button to stop alarm or it will automatically stop alarming after 1 minute.

4.)Under each mode, press Up/Down button to set desirable volume.

5.)Press Up/Down button or rotate the Lamp Light Adjust button to adjust the brightness.

6.)Press the Set button and Up/Down Button to set the advanced lighting time of the lamp: 0MINUTES 5MINUTES

-10MINUTES-15MINUTES-20 MINUTES-25 MINUTES-30 MINUTES-45 MINUTES. The lamp will light up automatically when it reaches the advanced lighting time before the alarm active.

7.)Total 9 music for alarm output mode selecting: 6 natural music, BeBeBeBe sound, radio(AM/FM)


Clock Radio

Mode Adjust Button

RADIO OPERATION cover back in position or plug the Power Cord, and then the time will display. The display time is12:00am, 1st

January, 2009, Tuesday. favorite radio station, press Up/Down button to set desired listening level. Press POWER button again to turn off the

NATURAL MUSIC OPERATION button again to turn off the music

LCD BACKLIGHT & LAMP LIGHT OPERATION automatically off. on the lamp




1)Under normal mode, press SET button 3 seconds to 12/24 mode transfer

2)Under normal mode, Press SET button and UP/DOWN button to set the time in order


3)When just press SET button, it will be back to normal time display after 1minute.

4)Range of time: Year: 2000~2099; Month: 1~12; Date: 1~31; Hour: 1~12 or 0~23; Minute: 0~59

5)When setting the date, the week will change accordingly. When setting the year and month, it will restraint the

6)Hold the UP/DOWN button ceaselessly can set time quickly


1.)Under time setting mode, press Mode button once to enter into Alarm 1 set mode. Press Mode button twice to enter into Alarm 2 set mode. The TIME show the alarm time , WEEK show the alarm output mode, MONTH, DATA show the lighting time

2.)Under alarm setting mode, press the SET button to the alarm setting, the volume and lamp control function will turn off automatically and controlled by the alarm setting. Press the Set button and Up/Down Button to set the following function in order: Hour- Minute- Alarm Output Model-Brightness-Volume - Lighting Time


When the first alarm, press SNOOZE button to snooze function (When it is radio alarm, without snooze function), the snooze indicator will blink, and it will wake you up again after9 minutes (totally alarm 10 times). If no actions is taken when alarm is on, the music or buzzer will keep on for3minutes and shut off automatically, the alarm will on again at the same time next day.