Aiwa CR-LA35 Portable Radio User Manual






To maintain good performance

Do not use the unit in places which are extremely hot, cold, dusty or humid.

In particular, do not keep the unit:

in a high humidity area such as a bathroom

near a heater

in an area exposed to direct sunlight (inside a parked car, where there could be a considerable rise in temperature)

Notes on listening with the headphones

Listen at moderate volumes to avoid hearing

Do not wear the headphones while driving or cycling. It may create a traffic hazard.

You should use extreme caution or temporarily discontinue use in potentially hazardous situations, such as walking, jogging, etc.

Wear them properly: L is left, R is right.


Insert an R03 (size AAA) battery with the 0 and 9 marks properly aligned.

You can fix the unit with the clip a.

Battery replacement

Replace the battery when the sound becomes


Battery life (EIAJ 0.2 mW)

LR03 alkaline

R03 manganese

Approx. 48 hours

Approx. 24 hours

Approx. 42 hours

Approx. 20 hours

Notes on dry cell battery

Make sure that the 0 and 9 marks are correctly aligned.

Never recharge the battery, apply heat to it or take it apart.

When not using the battery, remove it to prevent needless wear.

If liquid leaks from the battery, wipe thoroughly to remove.


1 Connect the supplied headphones to the

2 Set the POWER/S-BASS switch to ON.

3 Select AM or FM ST (stereo).

4 Turn the TUNING control to tune in to a

5 Adjust the volume.

After listening

Set the POWER/S-BASS switch to OFF to turn off the power.

To obtain powerful heavy bass a

Set the POWER/S-BASS* switch to S-BASS to emphasize the low frequencies.


For better reception C

FM: The headphones cord functions as the FM antenna. Keep it extended.

AM: Turn the unit to find the position which gives the best reception.


To clean the cabinet

Use a soft cloth lightly moistened with a mild detergent solution.

Do not use the strong solvents such as alcohol, benzine or cleaner.


Frequency range

FM: 87.5 108 MHz

AM: 530 1,605 kHz

Maximum output

7 mW + 7 mW

(EIAJ 32 ohms)

Power source

DC 1.5 V using an R03

(size AAA) battery

Headphones jack

(Stereo mini jack)

Maximum outside dimensions

80.0 (W) 40.8 (H)

15.6 (D) mm

(excluding projecting parts and controls)

Approx. 42 g

(excluding battery)


Stereo headphones (1)

The specifications and external appearance of this unit are subject to change without notice.