Airlink101 AICAP650 Digital Camera User Manual

SkyIPCam 650

Model # AICAP650

Quick Installation Guide

Section 1

Getting Started

This Quick Installation Guide only provides the basic instructions. For more detailed information, please refer to the Users Manual in the supplied CD.

Caution: The IP Camera is designed for indoor use only. Direct exposure to sunlight may cause permanent damage to the CMOS sensor. When operating in extremely bright environment, an iris lens or sun visor is recommended to protect the IP Camera.

System Requirement: Before you begin, please review the following system requirement.

OS: Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP and other OS supporting TCP/IP

CPU: 650MHz or above (2.4 GHz recommended when monitoring multiple cameras simultaneously)

Memory Size: 256MB

Resolution: 1024x768 or above

Web Browser: Internet Explorer 5.0 or above

Step 1 Align the camera stand with the bottom part of the camera. Then, secure the camera stand with the screw.

Step 2 Connect one end of a network cable to the IP Camera and connect the other end to one of the

LAN ports of the router or switch.

Step 3 Power on the IP Camera by connecting one end of the supplied power adapter to the power jack of the Camera and connecting the other end to an electrical outlet.

Step 4 Verify that the LED lights on the Camera are lit. If not, verify that all the connections are secure and try again.

Section 2

Installing the Setup Wizard

Step 1 Insert the provided CD and wait for the autorun screen to appear.

Step 2 Click on Install Setup Wizard.

Note: If the autorun screen does not appear automatically, go to Start > Run > and type

Step 3 Click Next.

Step 4 Click Yes to accept the License Agreement.

Step 5 Click Next to accept the default Destination Folder.

Step 6 Click Finish to complete the installation.

Section 3

Using the Setup Wizard

Step 1 Go to Start > (All) Programs > AirLink101 IP Camera Setup Wizard > AirLink101 IP Camera

Setup Wizard.

Step 2 Select the IP Camera you want to configure from the list and click on the Wizard button.

Step 3 If the Cameras default IP address is on a different subnet, the following message will appear.

Click Yes to continue. If you do not receive this message, skip to Step 6.

Step 4 Enter admin for both the Admin ID and Password and click OK.

Step 5 The Wizard will automatically generate an IP address for the camera, if this address is not in use by any other device in your local network, click OK. Otherwise, enter an available IP address (ex.

Step 6 Enter admin for both the Admin ID and Password field and click Next. Optionally, you can change the password by checking on the Change box and entering the new password.

Step 7 If you need to change the Cameras IP address because another network device is already using the same address, you can assign a new address here and click Next.

Step 8 Verify that all the fields are correct and click Restart to save the settings and reboot the camera.

Section 4

Viewing Images

Note: The following steps describe how to view images from within the same local area network as the

IP Camera. To view images from an external network such as the Internet, please refer to the Users

Manual on the provided CD for further instructions.

Step 1 At the Setup Wizard, select the desired camera from the list and click on the Web Config button.

Step 2 Enter the password for the camera (Default is admin) and click OK.

Step 3 The welcome page appears. If you did not change the default password, you will be prompted to do so before accessing the camera.

Step 4 The Main menu along with the live video appears on screen. The IP camera is ready for use now.

Note: ActiveX must be installed and enabled on your Web Browser (Internet Explorer) before you can view the live videos. For more information, please refer to the next section.

Section 5

Enabling and Installing ActiveX

If no image appears on the web browser (Internet Explorer), follow the steps below to enable and install

Step 1 Open Internet Explorer and go to Tools > Internet Options.

Step 2 Select the Security tab and click on Custom Level.

Step 3 Verify the following settings are selected. Click OK when done:

Automatic prompting for ActiveX controls: Enable

Download signed ActiveX controls: Prompt

Run ActiveX controls and plug-ins: Enable

Step 4 Close Internet Explorer and re-launch the Web Config screen.

Step 5 Click on the ActiveX Control prompt.

Step 6 Select Install ActiveX Control.

Step 7 Click on Install to install the ActiveX Control.

Step 8 After the ActiveX Control is installed you should see the live video on Internet Explorer.

Section 6

Technical Support

Toll Free: 1-888-746-3238

* Actual data throughput will vary. Network conditions and environmental factors lower actual data throughput rate. Specifi