Air King AK863FL Ventilation Hood user manual

Lock Washer

Transition Plate

Flat Washer

3. Remove the fans venturi assembly, which is secured in place with one screw through the venturi. Keep the venturi assembly in the carton until needed so it does not get damaged or lost

(Figure 2).

Hanger Bar

1b. Mounting Tab Installation: Position the fan so that the tabs rest flat against the joist with the transition plate flush to the underside of the joist. Secure with four nails or screws (not provided) to ensure proper installation (Figure 5).

Transition Plate

Existing Construction

4. Choose the location for your fan. To ensure the best air and sound performance, it is recommended that the length of ducting and the number of elbows be kept to a minimum, and that insulated hard ducting be used. Larger duct sizes will reduce noise and airflow restrictions. This fan will require at least 6" of clearance in the ceiling or wall, and will mount through drywall up to 3/4" thick. The fan can be mounted directly to the joist using the mounting tabs on the side of the housing or between 16" on center joists using the 4 provided mounting rails.

211572097 Rev. A 8-05

1a. Mounting Rail Installation: Set housing in position between the joist and trace an outline onto the ceiling material (Figure