AIPTEK POCKETCAMX Camcorder User Manual

Basic operation

1. Powering on and off

Using the Lens cover

Using the Power button

2. Setting the Mode switch

3. Taking still pictures

Zoom in/out

Flash strobe and self-timer

The LCD display under

4. Recording movies

The LCD display under

Playing Your Images on the LCD at Once

1. Viewing pictures and movies

The LCD display under

2. Deleting the picture and movie

Advanced Operation and Settings

1. Using the MENU button

MENU under

MENU under

MENU under

2. Configuring settings

Enjoying Viewing Your Images on a PC

1. Installing the PocketCam X driver

2. Connecting your camera to your computer

3. Copying pictures and movies to your computer

4. Viewing on your computer

Using the PC Camera Function for Fun

1. Installing the PocketCam X driver

2. Connecting your camera to your computer

3. Capturing immediate images to your computer

4. Advanced settings

Format settings

Properties settings


Other Information

1. Life of battery

2. LED indicator events

3. Storage Capacity

4. More on flicker

5. Specification

Getting Started

1. Your camera parts

Knowing your camera parts well before using it will help you operate it more easily.

Power button

LCD display

Lens cover

Control button

Shutter /Quick Exit button

Control button

(Zoom out)

Mode switch

5 Microphone

MENU/OK button

LED indicator

Flash strobe

Strap holder

Battery/ SD/MMC card cover

Focus switch

Tripod port

SD/MMC card slot

Self-Timer LED indicator

Battery section

2. Loading the battery

Please use two AAA 1.5V batteries.

! We recommend you to use alkaline batteries.

Slide the battery/card cover in the direction of the indication to open it.

Follow the indication to load two AAA batteries.

Close inward and slide upward the battery/card cover to lock it.

For details of the battery life, see the "Life of battery" section on page 32.

3. Inserting and removing the SD/MMC card


Never eject the SD/MMC card while the camera is processing data. (The LED indicator lights red while the camera is processing data. For more information on the LED messages, please see the "LED indicator events" section on page 32)

Inserting the card

Open the battery/card cover .

Insert the card in the direction of the indicatior and push it in till the end of the card plot.

Close the battery/card cover .

Removing the card

Push in and release the card to remove it.

The camera comes with 16MB flash memory built inside for storage. If you do not insert a SD/MMC card, the data will be saved in the built-in flash memory automatically.

For details of the storage capacity of the SD/MMC card and internal memory (16MB flash memory), please see the "Storage capacity" section on page 33.

4. Attaching the strap (Optional)

For convenience and safety, you may wish to attach the carrying strap.

Thread the strap loop through the holder in the direction indicated.

Fasten the strap as indicated.

5. Using the tripod (Optional)

The tripod can be attached to your camera to minimize camera movement and ensure optimal image quality, particularly while taking self-portraits, longer movies or in a macro mode.

Serrated wheel

Attach the tripod to the port on th