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Using aigo Portable Solar Charger S aigo S2902

Before Using the Player

Product Introduction aigo Portable Solar Charger S2902 (S2902) is a portable battery power kit based on intellectual voltage regulation proprietary technology. The solar charger can distinguish output voltage and current on different requirements automatically.

S2902 can charge most of mobile phones and *USB interface digital products with operating voltage between 4.5V - 9V directly. The device is portable, environmental-friendly, lightweight, durable and versatile for traveling use.

Note: *USB interface digital products refer to digital products that are equipped with built-in rechargeable battery and can be recharged via USB interface. aigo S2902 aigo S2902

Package Contents

- aigo Portable Solar Charger S2902

- 100V - 240V Power Adapter (optional)

- Extension USB Cable

- User Manual

- 7 Sets of Charging Connectors (optional)

Technical Specifications

Voltage is adjustable between 5V-9V

High storage capacity 2500mAh

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USB output, connect the USB cable to charge external device

Wide range of charging connections to charge a variety of devices

Polycrystalline Silicon Solar Panel:

- Peak power supplied by photocell: 1.54W

- Operating voltage: 5.5V (max)

- Charging current: 280mA (max) / 3.8V

Solar Charger:

- Battery capacity: 2500mAh / 3.8V

- Output voltage: 4.5V-9V (adjustable)

- Output current: 1A (max)

- Output power: 4W (max) Dimensions: 137 x 79 x 24 (mm)

- Weight: 240 (g)

aigo S2902

Product Features aigo S2902

Product Overviews

1. High transforming rate when converting light energy into electrical

2. Professional built-in circuit to prevent over-discharge, over-charge, over-current and heat reduction when charging the built-in battery by power adapter or sunlight.

3. Double short-circuit protection.

4. 3-Color LED Indicator.

Product Material: Fireproof plastic (ABS)

1USB Interface (Output Interface)

2LED Light (Torchlight function)

3Control Switch (ON / OFF / LED)

43-Color LED Indicator (Intelligent LED Indicator)

5DC Interface (Input Interface)

6Output Voltage Swi