Acumen EON-2027HS Watch User Manual

Getting to Know


How to Operate Your




Featuring Fluid CheckTM, Heat Index, Heart Rate

Technical Reference



Featuring Fluid CheckTM, Heat Index, Heart Rate

Monitor and 2-Way PC communication


Warranty Service and Repair


Welcome to the future of hydration technology! Your purchase today shows that you are serious about your exercise and are committed to achieving your best. Today, getting the most from your exercise doesnt necessarily mean you have to spend longer periods of time to achieve those goals. With Fluid

CheckTM Training, you will increase the effectiveness of your workout by monitoring and quantifying your results every step of the way. The HydraAlertTM will act as your personal coach and guide you to your fitness goals more effectively.

Mission Statement

At Acumen we have listened to what people such as yourself have been asking for in fitness equipment and are committed to your satisfaction. We know you will enjoy all of the innovative features of the Hydra-AlertTM and the ease of use incorporated into our products. If you ever have any questions, comments or suggestions, please write or call our staff. We greatly value your feedback and look forward to continuing to provide you with products and support that is second to none. Thank you for your purchase and anticipated

Product Development Team

Part I Getting to Know Your Hydra-AlertTM

Hydra-AlertTM Features ...

What's in Your Package ...

Buttons and Functions ...

Overview ...

Getting Going ...

Charging the Battery

Attaching Your Heart Rate Monitor

Part II How to Operate Your Hydra-AlertTM

Time, Calendar, Heat Index Mode ...

To View Anolog Time, Digital Time, Calendar, Humidity, Temperature & Heat Index

Setting the Time

Setting the Calendar

Alarm with Event Reminder Feature ...

To View the Alarm Settings

Setting the Alarm

Turning the Alarm ON or OFF

Fluid CheckTM Mode ...

Getting to Know Fluid Loss

Fluid Loss Related Settings

Personal MET Calibration (Max MET (VO2 Max) Calibration)

Select Target Zone (TZ) Mode ...

Getting to Know the three Target Zones (TZ)

Select Target Zone Before Exercise

Setting the Heart Rate Limits for Each Zone

Setting the Target Zone Alarm

Interval Timer Mode...

Setting the Interval Timer

Chrono Mode ...

Heart Rate Display

Start Your Exercise

Record a Lap

Record a session

Start the Interval Timer

Alarms During the Exercise

Other Operations During the Exercise

Recall Data Mode ...

Review Data During the Exercise

Review Data After the Exercise

Quick Reset Stopwatch & Entering Basic Settings

Clear the Memory

Basic Settings for Exercise

Program Mode ...

How to Connect Your Watch with the PC (Optional for EON-HS) ...

Installing the software

Connecting the watch with PC

Part III Technical Reference

Target Zone & Fitness Training ...

Getting to Know Heat Index ...

Determining Your MET Parameter...

How to Calculate Your Fluid Loss...

Body Fluid CheckTM Monitoring Tips and Guidelines ...

Specifications ...

Technical Display Guide ...

Part IV Precautions, Warranty, Service and Repair

General Precautions ...

Limited Warranty ...