Accusplit AE790M500 Watch User Manual

Normal time mode

Alarm time mode

Chronograph and Recall mode

Data mode (760M & 790M Models only)

Count-down timer mode

Pacer mode

Stroke measurement mode

Speed mode (AE760M100 & AE790M500 model only)

Button Operation

Mode - used to change the mode of the watch

Start / Stop / Set - used to start and stop the timer counting or the chronograph function

Recall - used for recalling recorded split and lap times

Lap / Split / Reset / Select - for taking the record of the split and lap time

This is only a brief description of these buttons. Detailed uses of the buttons are different in particular functions and will be described later in the instructions.

Pressing [MODE] button will toggle among the modes above. Note that there is no auto-return function in the stopwatch. Whenever you change modes, the stopwatch will remain in that mode until the [MODE] button is pressed again

Each time you enter a mode, a message will be displayed for a second before you enter the mode:

Note:- In the following descriptions, items printed in dark gray stand for flashing digits.

Normal Time Mode

The starting point for operating your stopwatch is NORMAL TIME. If NORMAL TIME is not displayed, press

[Mode] until it is.

Year : - 2001

Date : - January 1

Day of week : - Monday

Time : - 12:00 am

The display format is as below :-

A 1 0 : 3 5' 3 0 day, month - date hr : min second

During clock display, press [START] to switch between 12Hr and 24Hr display mode. To toggle chime ON or

OFF, you can press [RESET]. The bell icon will be ON and OFF correspondingly.

Normal Time Setting

Press and hold [RECALL] for 2 seconds to enter setting mode. The normal time setting starts with second. The second digits will then be flashing. You can change the flashing digit by pressing [START] button. To speed up the setting you can press and hold [START] for longer than 2 seconds to activate fast setting. To select other digits, press [RESET] button. The setting order is: Second, Minute, Hour, Year, Month, Date, month-date (m-d)

or date-month (d-m), Sound ON or OFF, Contrast (darkness of the digits - default is 9), then back to Second, and recycles again. Note: when the second is to be set, press [START] to reset the second digits to zero.